Judge outlines sentence for man who ran stencil scam

Tuesday, July 13, 2010 at 11:45pm
Staff reports

A district court judge sentenced Christopher Michael Nezer to 51 months in prison Tuesday for drawing false representations around a company called Stencilco.

Nezer, 50, of Nashville, pleaded guilty to wire fraud last September after he accepted $207,000 from about 20 people who bought from him sales territories across the country to distribute a reusable stencil product he claimed to have invented, according to U.S. Attorney Jerry Martin’s office.

As part of his scheme, Nezer misrepresented a variety of conditions to convince the investors to buy into his business, such as existing affiliations with well-known corporations Kodak, Disney and Nike as well as the structure, workforce and income of Stencilco.

The investors, not stencils, actually provided nearly all of the income of Stencilco. The stencil company shut down in 2002, after which Nezer also opened and bankrupted a car restoration business, according to the U.S. attorney.

Nezer requested a one-year sentence, but Chief District Judge Todd Campbell rejected it based on the amount of money lost by the victims and Nezer’s prior convictions for stealing, passing worthless checks and operating an illegal gambling house.

Campbell also ordered Nezer to serve three years of probation after prison and attempt to pay restitution to his victims.


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By: MeretriciousCreation on 7/14/10 at 8:28

I worked for a company that did work for him ages ago when he ran Classic Muscle (the classic car business that he bankrupted) and he was sleazy, shady, belligerent and abusive. I'm actually shocked that it's taken this long for this to happen. He is a career "white-collar" criminal and should be sent up to jail for a while with the big boys and see how he likes it. Maybe that will deter him from robbing, scamming, abusing and belittling those around him.

By: tucnrole on 6/13/12 at 3:37

this guy I am sure of is one of americas great SCUMBAGS he knows nothing ,yet he acts like he does,he smells yet he thinks he does not he is the worst kind of liar because he believes the shit he is shoveling.Upon final investigation I have also found out that he is a snitch in prison,how low can this guy go.I will check with family court because we fear the next step for him is that he is a pedophile.his stencil work sucked he was only tracing the work nothing was done free hand.2nd grader!!!!!