Jury convicts man charged in shooting, carjacking of prison guard

Wednesday, July 25, 2012 at 4:37pm
Staff reports

A Nashville man accused of shooting and robbing a Tennessee Department of Corrections prison guard was found guilty of especially aggravated robbery, aggravated robbery and facilitation of attempted carjacking by a Davidson County criminal jury Tuesday evening.

Michael McKissack was one of five co-defendants, who were all teenagers at the time of the attack. The six teens were accused of jumping TDOC guard Kevin Boone in 2010 outside his apartment in the Lincoya Bay apartment complex. They took his wallet and shot him in the buttocks. 

The jury deliberated for about an hour before reaching the guilty verdict. A sentencing hearing for McKissack, 20, is set for Sept. 6.

Two other co-defendants have entered guilty pleas. Keith Potter was sentenced to nine years in prison and his brother, Cortez Potter, received an eight-year sentence. Twin brothers Keith and Kevin Boone still have pending charges.

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By: GuardianDevil01 on 7/26/12 at 5:52

Don't worry, our criminal justice system will ensure that they are released from their cages in a few months at most. They will serve nowhere near the 8 and 9 year sentences cited in the article.

By: Beernazi on 7/26/12 at 11:03

Sentencing guidelines stink.