Keep those lures clean

Tuesday, May 15, 2001 at 1:00am

I've often noticed how professional golfers, or should I say their caddies, take care of the clubs.

After every swing the clubs are swiped clean and returned to their proper place in the golf bag.

The reason for this is the golf sticks earn that professional golfer a lot of money and they're his or her working tools. They must be kept in good condition in order to play good golf.

It's the same with fishing. I keep my rods, reels, tackle box and the lures inside my tackle box in good condition. I'm not earning anything like the money professional golfers are, but I sure do enjoy catching fish and I want my gear in top shape.

Here's how I keep my fishing equipment in good working condition: First off, I do most of my maintenance work on lures during those nasty days, when it

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