Lakewood leaders consider ‘irregularities’ in vote to end city

Monday, August 9, 2010 at 5:08pm

After citizens of Lakewood voted to dissolve the city’s charter last week by a narrow one-vote margin, Lakewood’s five-board commission is expected to meet this week to discuss its next course of action.

The special meeting would follow Lakewood’s 400 to 399 vote in favor of revoking the satellite city’s municipal charter to combine fully with Metro government.

Lakewood City Manager Bobby Franklin stressed that the Davidson County Election Commission still hasn’t certified the figures, meaning numbers could still fluctuate. The election commission is expected to certify final numbers by Aug. 23.

“Probably by the end of the week or next week the [Lakewood] commission will meet sometime to discuss whatever actions are appropriate,” Franklin said.

“I don’t know what the commission will want to do, if anything,” he added. “I think that’s one of the reasons why they are going to meet, but I’m not sure what they’ll do.”

Asked if Lakewood’s commissioners are considering pursuing a recount or legal action, Franklin said answering on behalf of the board would speculative. He then pointed to alleged voting irregularities he suggested might have undermined the electoral process.

“We did have multiple reports of irregularities all day long,” Franklin said. “We had issues of known people who didn’t live here voting. People that lived here were not allowed to vote on the question. It’s all over the map.”

If the tentative outcome holds up, the city’s existing charter would officially be terminated 60 days after the certification of the election results.

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By: wolfy on 8/9/10 at 4:12

I wonder if any potential "NO" votes didn't make it to the polls because they got caught in the infamous Lakewood speedtrap? LOL

By: rbull on 8/10/10 at 8:36

Wolfy you are correct in that Lakewood is and has been a speed trap for many, many years. I was ticketed once and I knew I didn't run the red light and went to their Court (so they call it) and the officer didn't have guts or balls to show because he knew he was wrong. First of all the young officer was very sneeky hiding behind a building trying to catch people. Another lady was also ticketed on the same Sunday afternoon at the exact same red light and she was also let go because the same officer wasn't there to defend his actions. I try and avoid Lakewood every chance I get. They are just like Smyrna use to be and live off the fines of people they trap with traffic violations.

By: Jimjones on 8/11/10 at 11:49

The mayor Prince took down all "metro no" signs ( even the one in his yard) long before the time he claims that late ballots came in. Email or call him and ask him why. I and my family seen it.