Local businesses support proposed Metro nondiscrimination bill

Wednesday, January 26, 2011 at 10:05pm
Staff reports

More than 50 local businesses and organizations are supporting the Tennessee Equality Project Nashville Committee’s campaign related to a proposed Metro ordinance that would require businesses contracting with the city to have anti-discrimination policies in place.

Chris Sanders, TEP Nashville Committee chairman, said the list continues to grow, with the Contract Accountability Non-Discrimination Ordinance (CANDO) campaign only four weeks old.

Sanders said the proposed bill, co-sponsored by Councilmen Jamie Hollin and Mike Jameson, is an “incentive,” for businesses that want to do work for Metro.

“It doesn’t force anyone to change a policy,” Sanders said. “It only requires it when you’re contracting with Metro.”

The list of businesses and organizations supporting CANDO include various entities owned and operated by some of Nashville’s most progressive citizens.

Sanders said a conservative cultural agenda is driving opposition to the Hollin-Jameson bill. He points to the recent closed-door meeting of some local conservative business and religious leaders who are opposed to the ordinance.

“The reason for [conservative opposition] is the biblical-cultural stance,” he said.

“The bill itself is young, and we need time to explain what it does and doesn’t do,” Sanders added. “For example, many may not know that there’s a religious exemption in the bill. We are not looking to take away anyone’s religious beliefs.”

Sanders points to various U.S. cities — including Atlanta, Austin, Louisville, Houston and Salt Lake City — and California and Illinois as places in which nondiscrimination policies are effectively in place in the private sector. 

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By: Kosh III on 1/27/11 at 7:03

Which businesses? Names?

By: constructioncat on 1/27/11 at 8:04

Here is a list of supporters: https://docs.google.com/Doc?id=dhrzqqc9_3fjnt48cs&hl=en&pli=1 and more information: http://tnep.org/nashville/

By: Chris Sanders on 1/27/11 at 9:33

https://docs.google.com/document/d/1QPU20PiCIzz7tFIjnumBw13aMhSvn2bgqwygrpjf18Q/edit?hl=en# is the correct URL. The other list is from the 2009 ordinance.

By: pswindle on 1/27/11 at 9:48

Well, I guess we will have to wait and see.

By: TRHJR on 1/27/11 at 9:57

lets get it on C P list these " MOST PROGRESSIVE CITIZENS " and their business !!!!!!! from staff reports ... is this like " set on butt " and just repeat what the Left wants you to print !!!!!!

By: tomba1 on 1/27/11 at 11:56

If this economy would ever get back on track, maybe these people could get a job and not have so much free time to dream up more and more of this unnecessary, and probably discriminatory, rhetoric. So just beat your brains out to get this one done but get ready. One of you has another pet peeve waiting its' turn and you'll get to do it all over again, and again...... And the reason why so many times? Simple. You never get it right!!

By: Loner on 1/27/11 at 1:25


Sanders said, "there’s a religious exemption in the bill. We are not looking to take away anyone’s religious beliefs."

So, there IS a loophole big enough to drive the Pope-mobile through. With that exemption in mind, we can expect to see more faith-based businesses contracting with Metro.

Why on earth would you include any exemptions? Just plain stupid, IMO.

This whole affair is a grand farce.

By: Bellecat on 2/3/11 at 9:23

Maybe someone needs to make a list of businesses who DO NOT suppport this bill. I would venture to bet there are more than 50! I imagine there have been a lot of frantic phone calls, etc. to get support for this.