Madison man arrested after months-long heroin investigation

Thursday, March 7, 2013 at 1:26pm
030613 Anthony Bryant mug.jpg
Anthony Bryant

Convicted drug felon Anthony Bryant was arrested by Madison Precinct officers after a months-long investigation into a heroin distribution scheme.

Bryant, 27, allegedly met buyers in public places like parking lots outside of department stores and restaurants. Undercover officers saw Bryant leave a Madison motel and travel to a nearby restaurant on Tuesday. According to police, when they approached Bryant in a vehicle, he rammed his Dodge Charger into the marked car in an effort to escape.

Bryant said he didn’t have any heroin, but an investigation revealed 25 foil-wrapped pieces of the drug inside his rectum, according to a Metro Nashville Police Department release. A search of his motel room yielded more than a pound of heroin and 47 counterfeit $100 bills.

Bryant is presently being held without bond on felony heroin charges, aggravated assault on a police officer, resisting arrest and probation violation charges.

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By: Jughead on 3/7/13 at 1:17

What a fat piece of garbage. Execute this puke and be done with it.

By: courier37027 on 3/7/13 at 3:22

This alleged criminal and the cost associated with his crime are keeping me from investing, spending and saving more money.

By: FaceBook:Emmett... on 3/11/13 at 9:01

I hope he gets the max on the state charges and, while he's in prison, he goes into federal court on the counterfeit money and gets out of state prison just to go to a federal joint. He might breathe free air again when he's 90. Let him live his life wishing he'd been killed on the street instead.

By: kirstiebryant on 3/26/13 at 3:42

With a name like Jughead you sound like might be a fat piece of garbage yourself. So death is the answer we're going for in this situation? A bit brutal don't you think? "live his life wishing he'd been killed on the streets instead" wow you guys are interesting characters. Did he kill someone you know? Because you all are taking it a bit personaI can't help but take your comments personal myself since its my brother you're talking about.

By: joshyoung6525 on 4/21/13 at 7:43

Kristie is tht really yoiur bro!? sorry to haer that , I used to buy from him he was actually the coolest dealer I knew he was never an asshole and never tripped about fronting a couple bags, he was one of the few who did things the right way all these other people commenting can go **** themselves I got the most respect for SLICK and I send my prayers to his girl and his family, god bless,

you all glorify old time gangsters and this guy was no different from then he was a stand up guy who didn't feel like just getting by with a 9 to 5 so he did what he knew how to do to get paid, we are all a product of our own environment and I can positively say that NONE of you could get where he did you would all be beggers and bums if you came from where he did, god bless ya slick good luck to ya ,