Man accused of stabbing wife, sister-in-law in separate Tuesday morning incidents

Tuesday, March 12, 2013 at 2:30pm
031213 Donnell Simpson mug.jpg
Donnell Simpson

The Metro Nashville Police Department arrested a man accused of stabbing two women, after a police officer saw him walking on the side of the road.

MNPD officer Charles Shaw spotted Donnell Anthony Simpson, 40, along the side of the Owendale Drive as Shaw drove home from work. Simpson fled to the woods when he noticed the police car. He was apprehended shortly thereafter.

Simpson allegedly stabbed both his sister-in-law and wife at two separate locations this morning. He attacked his sister-in-law while she was sleeping with her husband, according to MNPD. She was transported to Southern Hills Medical Center with the knife still in her chest.

Roughly 20 minutes later, Simpson showed up at his wife’s home on Forest Breeze Drive. A man was at the residence changing the locks due to an order of protection against Simpson. He allegedly forced his way in and stabbed his wife with a box cutter while the woman’s mother called police.

Police charged Simpson with two counts of attempted murder, violation of bond conditions and violation of an order of protection.

A judicial commissioner on Tuesday set Simpson's bail at $2.05 million.

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By: courier37027 on 3/12/13 at 1:36

Well thank goodness he was not committing a heinous crime such as missing a legislative vote.

By: courier37027 on 3/12/13 at 1:59

Way back when he and his wife were dating, she probably found the thug life exciting. She thought taming a roughneck would gain her street cred and sympathy with her female co-workers. She probably told her parents their love wa for real and true. Wife should be arrested for stupidity.

By: MahDear on 3/13/13 at 1:38

Courier, are you really an idiot, or do you just play one online?

By: tigre1 on 3/13/13 at 8:02

Re: Courier37027--Still blaming the victims? Evolve and get a conscience.

By: courier37027 on 3/13/13 at 1:33

Tigre1, chasrtize me but don't blame the perp in this story. Your priorities are misplaced.

MahDear, no I just pay the bill for these idiots who marry losers and criminals.

By: MahDear on 3/13/13 at 2:28

Whelp! Clearly, we have our answer and courier's not acting. :/

By: NewYorker1 on 3/13/13 at 3:18

Ouch! sounds painful. I knife going into my pure and innocent body sounds horrible. Especially if I'm wearing Gucci or Fendi on the day I get stabbed.