Man arrested after allegedly molesting 9-year-old girl

Tuesday, October 4, 2011 at 7:25pm
Staff reports
Carlos David Dalarca-Pagoada

Detectives on Tuesday arrested a man after a grand jury indicted him for allegedly sexually assaulting a 9-year-old girl.

Police arrested 46-year-old Carlos David Dalarca-Pagoada at his Village West apartment on Tennessee Avenue following his indictment on three counts of child rape and three counts of aggravated sexual battery. Dalarca-Pagoada remained in jail in lieu of a $150,000 bond.

Metro sex crimes detectives started their investigation into the case in the summer after the girl’s parents came to them with the suspicion that he’d fondled their daughter.

According to police, the man, on multiple occasions, asked the girl while she was outside either playing or riding her bike to come to his apartment. Police said that during questioning by detectives, Dalarca-Pagoada admitted to sexually assaulting the girl.

Detectives believe there may be other victims and urge parents whose children live in or visit Village West apartments to speak to their children about this case and ask them if a man in the complex assaulted them or tried to lure them into his home.

Police urge anyone with additional information about Dalarca-Pagoada to call the Sex Crimes Unit at 862-7540, where specially trained counselors are available to assist child victims. 

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By: govskeptic on 10/5/11 at 6:28

Just another illegal to house and feed for many yrs.
"Standing in the shadows"?-Give us a break from madness!

By: BEOWULF on 10/5/11 at 6:31

BEOWULF: ...wonder how many 'rights' and 'benefits' and TN taxpayer $$$$ this scumbag will be afforded...Status?

By: Just_Saying on 10/5/11 at 7:10

Was it reported elsewhere that he was illegal? If so I will gladly jump on the bandwagon but otherwise it's not a good idea to jump to conclusions.

Also, can someone explain why we don't have the death penalty for child molestors? Forget revenge and punishment etc and it's still a good idea due to the recidivism rate.

By: govskeptic on 10/5/11 at 7:56

I wouldn't have used the word "illegal" if it hadn't been reported as
part of the news story this morning! The news media doesn't normally
report status in any of the cases even when they know what it is.
Political correctness on this subject has also pushed many law
enforcement agencies in not giving this information out even when
they know what that status is, even though it's a legitimate question!

By: Blanketnazi2 on 10/5/11 at 11:41

the official media release from the police dept doesn't say anything about him being here illegally.

if he were being investigated during the summer, don't you think they would have just arrested him for his immigration status?

By: govskeptic on 10/6/11 at 6:00

Turns out yes he was illegal and immigration authorities in Texas
released him even though there was a deportation order from Judge
in that state. Commit a crime in Mexico or Central America and flee to
safe haven in US must be common knowledge in that area!

By: Blanketnazi2 on 10/6/11 at 7:15


By: jsnap on 10/6/11 at 11:42

Sorry, but most news outlets do not release the information even if they know they are illegal. Do you wonder why our country is in the shape it is in?

By: omoo on 10/12/11 at 4:25

to Just-Saying: Since you ask... The reason we don't have the death penalty for clild molestors is because the state would have to get rid of half of Belle Meade.