Man arrested for gun possession at Stratford graduation event

Monday, May 23, 2011 at 3:13pm
Treanous Bowers 

Metro police arrested 18-year-old Treanous L. Bowers Sunday night for allegedly carrying a gun at the Stratford High School graduation ceremony at Tennessee State University’s Gentry Center.

Bowers, who is not currently a Metro Nashville Public Schools student, allegedly had a loaded Smith & Wesson .357 Magnum, 13 grams of marijuana and two Xanax pills. Police charged him with carrying a weapon on school property and drug possession.

Bowers did not have a handgun carry permit. He is being held in lieu of $17,500 bond.

According to police, a citizen told police that Bowers got a gun from his car and stuck it in the waistband of his pants. Police arrested Bowers after the graduation event when he and two women returned to the car described by the witness. Police said they found the gun under the driver’s seat.

One of the two women with was a 2011 Stratford graduate. Bowers had attended Stratford High School but did not graduate, police said. Both women were released after they told police they didn’t know Bowers had the gun or the drugs.

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By: Cookie47 on 5/23/11 at 1:17

The stupidity of some people never ceases to amaze me.

By: parnell3rd on 5/23/11 at 1:47

Mr. Nix of the NCP. Of course he did not have a handgun carry permit. In the state of Tennessee you can not legally own a handgun until the age of 21. We can see that criminals ignore the law.
A citizen with a handgun carry permit knows the he/she cannot exit thier vehicle on public school grounds with their handgun.
Thanks to the alert citizen who contacted the police.

By: jpbrody on 5/23/11 at 3:52


Once again, events demonstrate the need for strong gun control laws, for if we had them, then criminals would be forced to leave their guns at home and . . .

Oh wait. Nevermind.

By: Moonglow1 on 5/24/11 at 5:59

Moonglow1: Guns in bars, guns on campus, guns in cars, guns in the hands of criminals.

By: Cookie47 on 5/24/11 at 6:03

Moony wrote: "Guns in bars, guns on campus, guns in cars, guns in the hands of criminals."

Now you know why so many people have decided to get their permit to legally carry a firearm. It's because of thugs like this.