Man sues bar, Titans' Britt, claims negligence, assault and battery

Friday, July 1, 2011 at 3:47pm

Throw in a lawsuit to Kenny Britt’s string of legal troubles this year.

Harold E. Pointer, one of the men involved in an early morning scuffle at Broadway’s Karma Lounge last fall, is suing the Tennessee Titans’ star receiver, Bradford Miser and the bar.

Pointer filed a civil suit in Davidson County Circuit Court Monday, claiming assault, battery and negligence. Pointer is seeking a judgment of $150,000 in punitive and compensatory damages.

Messages left with Britt’s attorney and Karma Lounge weren’t immediately returned. Attempts to locate Miser were unsuccessful.

The incident in question happened just before 2 a.m. Friday, Oct. 22, 2010, when Pointer claims in the suit he and an acquaintance witnessed Britt and Miser escorted out of the bar by security following a “physical altercation.”

After Britt and Miser were allowed back in the bar a short time later, Pointer claims Britt kept pointing him out from the across the room before approaching him, pointing his finger in Pointer’s face and yelling at him belligerently.

Pointer’s acquaintance tried to explain to Britt and Miser that Pointer wasn’t involved in the early altercation. Later, when Pointer walked up to the bar after things appeared to have calmed down, according to the court filing, Miser allegedly smacked Pointer on the head with a glass bottle, which led to a scuffled on the floor.

Pointer alleges that Miser and Britt both “continued to gang” him, hitting him repeatedly until security removed the two from him.

The suit goes on to state that Karma’s security “encouraged” Pointer not to press charges against his alleged attackers.

In the lawsuit, Pointer also claims Karma is guilty of negligence per se for serving Britt and Miser alcohol when they were already “visibly intoxicated.”

Nearly three weeks after the incident allegedly occurred, Metro police detectives handed over the investigation to the district attorney’s office without filing any charges.

A couple weeks later, a Davidson County grand jury indicted Miser on an assault charge related to the incident, but found insufficient evidence to indict Britt.