Manning at sports nutrition camp today

Friday, June 22, 2001 at 1:00am

Peyton Manning, the Tennessee Beef Industry Council and the YMCA are teaming up today for the inaugural "Beef Up With Peyton Manning" event.

The sports nutrition camp, held at Brentwood Academy beginning at 8:30 a.m., will teach 200 children the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

"[Peyton] has helped us get the attention of young people and helped them to understand that eating healthy, eating well and feeding your body the nutrients that it needs to perform is very, very important," Valerie Bass, executive director of the Tennessee Beef Council, said. "He is an icon that young people are really aware of and that they pay attention to. So it's really meant a lot to us as far as exposure and as far as a message sinking into young people."

According to Bass, the day will revolve around good nutrition and the message that all foods fit into a healthy diet. She said the children will learn how beef can be a very good part of a diet because it has a lot of the essential vitamins and minerals that we need, like zinc, iron and protein.

"And Peyton will be talking to the kids about nutrition, all different types of nutrition. Making sure you get enough water and enough rest and how all of those different elements together fuel your body for performance in the classroom and also on the field," Bass said. "He's worked with us a lot with young people and does a really excellent job. He relates to them really well, and they seem to really pay attention to what he has to say and to take it to heart."

Manning has been the spokesperson for the Tennessee Beef Council for the last several years. The council decided to do a sports nutrition camp that built upon the theme of a video they made last year.

According to Bass, the video has been distributed to all fifth- and sixth-grade teachers across the state, free of charge, from the Tennessee Beef Council Industry.

"Peyton was there, and he interacted with kids," Bass said. "It was just really, really an important nutrition and fitness piece, and we're kind of building off of that with the camp."

The camp is targeting kids 10-12 years old with the nutrition message, and throughout the day they will have talks about nutrition as well as activities which include obstacle courses and some passing, kicking, receiving and a lot of other fun activities.

The YMCA, who assists in building strong kids, has partnered with the beef council on a lot of different things in the past and has once again teamed up with them for this event.

"Their dietician, Lynn Henderson, is going to be presenting a nutritional portion of our camp. She was also in the video

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