Mayor asks for funds to demolish dilapidated buildings

Friday, April 9, 2010 at 3:00pm
Staff reports

Mayor Karl Dean has requested $114,000 be appropriated to Metro Codes to demolish 15 dilapidated buildings deemed to be public safety hazards.

The request is part of a resolution the mayor’s office regularly files with the Metro Council to provide additional funds to cover unexpected department needs. The codes department has depleted its demolition fund for the current fiscal year.

“Like every city in America right now, Nashville has more abandoned buildings than is normal due to the national economic recession,” Dean said in a written statement.

“These buildings pose a danger to the public in a number of ways by becoming fire hazards, infested with vermin, and places for illegal activity,” he added. “They can bring down neighboring property values and all-around negatively impact the quality of life in our neighborhoods. While our financial resources are tight, this is an important issue to address, and I believe the Metro Council will agree.”

The resolution, filed Friday, will be considered at the council’s April 20 meeting.

In a separate ordinance, codes has already proposed building and other construction-related permit fees be increased by 30 percent. The fee increase is to be considered by the council on third reading at the April 20 meeting.


4 Comments on this post:

By: idgaf on 4/11/10 at 7:42

What happened to the comments?

Mine was give the property away to anyone that will demolish the building. Excellant chance to get them back on the tax rolls too beside saving the demolishing money.

By: concernedtaxpayer on 4/11/10 at 9:04

The problem is the total cost of demolishing a building typically cost more than the value of the property. I totally agree with you but the property usually is not worth the demolition and disposal costs.

By: JeffF on 4/12/10 at 6:56

I am surprised that no one has jumped in and started yelling "historic, historic" now that Metro is trying to commit money. That is usually the point the history nuts wait to see, when government allocates money. If they yell too quickly then someone will ask the nuts to pay for it.

By: MeretriciousCreation on 4/12/10 at 9:07

Oh you're so right JeffF! Who wants to save beautiful & historic structures when we can tear it all down and build slip-shod, soulless strip malls & condos!
I'm not saying that every structure can/will/should be saved, but as a city we have torn far more buildings that are historically & architecturally important than I care to dwell on, let's not act as though there's a pack of nut jobs out there chaining themselves to every building. I'm 33 and I was born & raised here and in that relatively short time I have already seen our city lose too much.