Mayor forms advisory committee for General Hospital

Wednesday, May 6, 2009 at 12:23am

Mayor Karl Dean announced Tuesday the formation of an advisory group to work with an outside consultant, which will develop a sustainable business model for providing health care to Nashville’s indigent and uninsured.

The advisory group will work with John Snow Inc. (JSI), the consultant selected to study the Metro Hospital Authority’s business model and offer a cheaper, more efficient way forward.

Metro’s $47 million subsidy to the Hospital Authority would take a $4.6 million reduction next fiscal year, according to the budget Dean presented to Metro Council last week.

The advisory committee plans to provide JSI with community input. The group consists of key leaders in the Nashville community:

• A.A. Birch, former Tennessee Supreme Court Chief Justice
• Jack Bovender, HCA chairman
• Mary Bufwack, United Neighborhood Health Services CEO
• Howard Gentry, former vice mayor and CEO of Nashville Chamber of Commerce Public Benefit Foundation
• Sam Howard, Phoenix Holdings, Inc. and Xantux Corp. chairman
• Beverly Jacobs, Hadley Park resident
• Jeff McKissack, Matthew Walker Comprehensive Health Care CEO
• Clayton McWhorter, founder and chairman of Clayton Associates
• Waverly Crenshaw, Hospital Authority chair
• Richard Riebeling, Metro Finance director


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By: Kosh III on 5/6/09 at 6:41

Why isn't Councillor Maynard on this? He's one of their biggest supporters.
And why are we paying good money to some consultant ? Aren't there people in Metro govt who can do the same job? O right! They can't hand out campaign donations.

By: Dragon on 5/6/09 at 7:46

The much bigger story is that Dean's budget proposes to forgive tens of millions of debt. According to the Tennessean:

The city has budgeted about $41.6 million in subsidies to the hospital authority for the next fiscal year.
General Hospital also took out a line of credit with Metro to cover cost overruns. The Metro Council forgave $50 million in debt in 2006. The mayor's proposed budget for fiscal year 2010 includes forgiving an additional $32 million.

So, that's like getting another $10 million a year in subsidies?

By: govskeptic on 5/6/09 at 11:52

The debt forgiveness is a PR move so that existing debt to metro will not be brought up in discussions concerning the future of General. Would also be nice if it winds up being sold to a for profit corporation that wouldn't have to repay metro.