Mayor says Metro should consider longer school days

Tuesday, August 18, 2009 at 3:15am

Some public schools in Nashville – including charter and enhanced option schools – already have extended learning time. Kids may attend school as late as 5 p.m. in the evening, attend sessions in the summers, or both, depending on the school.

Mayor Karl Dean wants more discussion of such options for all Metro students, and plans to look at the issue over the course of the next year.

“You look at what some of the charter schools are doing with longer school days, Saturdays, in the summer – I think it’s something we need to be thinking about,” Dean said. “It will be something for us to discuss in the next year.”

At Friday’s Nashville Education Summit, Dean included “learning time” among key areas of focus for Nashville public schools. In addition to achievement, school choice and human capital, Dean said expanded learning time needs to be a high priority.

“Time matters when it comes to education. We need to rethink our school days and our school calendars,” Dean said.

As Nashville’s mayor, Dean isn’t in a position to single-handedly change “learning time” for all public school students. But his remarks could signal the beginning of a new initiative that may eventually reach local public schools.

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By: Just The Facts on 8/18/09 at 6:10

Yea that will happen. If anything with the budget cuts and how the economy is you will see shorter school days. They save so much money just by not having school on bus diesel and cafeteria operation. Just the lights alone being out for 1 day across the district is a huge amount of money. Look at Chicago taking the day off. I just think this going to fall on deaf ears. And if you want to turn this country around quit pushing the overpriced colleges down kids throats and start teaching them a trade. The problem lies in the whole sytem to begin with. To get a job as a teacher you had to attend college. How much do you make a year? How long did you pay off the loans? On the other hand if you had learned a trade such as machining. You could make $40,000+ after only about 2 years of extensive hands on training. They didnt quote shakespere at any of those classes I attended. But hands on I did learn tangents and co signs applied trig. and such. In high school I remember seeing a school propoganda picture with a kid out of college in a red convertible having a kid who didnt go to college pump his gas. I wonder if the kid pumping gas owned the filling station? Bet he makes more money if he does. Point being is focus on getting these kids jobs when they get out instead of telling them they will be worthless if they don't get a higher education. Because if I went to college and paid all that money and all that time was invested I would be extremely upset if my salary is that of what teachers get paid. My best friend has his masters he works in a cell phone shop. Sad really. I went in the Airforce and have owned 5 companies. No college, no extra school time, just the facts I needed in life to be a successful tax paying citizen that contributes to the gross national product of this great country. I am all for longer school days as long as its for a reason like Europes trade schools.

By: global_citizen on 8/18/09 at 8:48

To Just the Facts: You don't seem to have the facts straight yourself. Despite all the caterwauling about how teachers are underpaid, most teachers in MNPS are making above $40,000 within two to three years of starting in the system. Some are making WELL above that, into the $50K - $60K range.

I'm glad Dean is broaching this subject. High schools in MNPS let out at 1:55 pm. That's ridiculous. Tack another three hours to that day and we might not have the abysmal dropout rate that we have now!

By: Just The Facts on 8/18/09 at 5:25

Fact sister makes under $35,000 k a year she has a degree and works in the Nashville school system. Fact kids today are weak morans. I bet not 10 boys in every high school today knows how to rebuild a motor. When I went to school every boy knew how to tear down a motor. Fact: European kids go to school 13 years and have jobs that pay an average of $30,000 out of high school if they took the optional trade courses. Fact: If we are paying 50-60k we need to fire them all start with younger talent with fresh ideas and an eagerness to work hard and earn a check. Take those salarys roll them into productive trade programs and get real life instructors to train our kids. Is there a reason we all home school our kids nowadays? In the old days the flunkies and drug addicts and narcs got home schooled. Now everyone does it because the schools are unsafe, and unproductive. Socially its a nightmare for the home school kids . But in the long run it seems to be a much better option. Im all for the late dismisal as long as its productive.