MBA closed due to swine flu

Thursday, April 30, 2009 at 7:19pm
Staff reports

All classes and activities at private school Montgomery Bell Academy have been cancelled until further notice, following the Nashville Health Department’s finding that a student at the school probably has swine flu.

The swine flu case is not definite — the Health Department has said the likelihood that the student has the illness is about 80 percent, according to information from MBA.

“After investigating this issue extensively, I have concluded that we have no recourse except to close MBA up to seven days or further notice,” wrote MBA Headmaster Bradford Gioia in a letter posted on the school’s Web site. “This edict is an order from the city and state health department, and this opinion has been confirmed with the state infectious disease experts.”

All school functions are cancelled effective immediately. While some staff members will be able to visit MBA facilities to update families about the situation, groups of students and staff are not permitted to convene until further notice. School will be reopened Friday, May 8, unless new information is issued in the mean time.

Visit Metro Health Department's Web site for more information about the swine flu virus and recommendations for Middle Tennesseans.

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8 Comments on this post:

By: frank brown on 5/1/09 at 6:12

You mean to tell me that Belle Meade is the origin of swine flu in the state of Tennessee and not the James A Cayce housing project? What is this country coming to? In order to hopefully escape this epidemic in Belle-Meade we are leaving immediately (by car) for our winter home.

By: anp2j on 5/1/09 at 6:31

@frank- i hope u go to your winter home, catch swine flu, infect all your family members. and all of you die so that ignorace such as yours will not be spread to future generations.

By: Fundit on 5/1/09 at 8:34

Jealous much, frank?

By: frank brown on 5/1/09 at 8:44

FUNDIT, I have lived in Belle-Meade & West End all my life and suddenly I find that Antioch is a healthier place? It is enough to try ones soul.

By: real_frank_brown on 5/1/09 at 8:47

As I have stated before, the previous poster using the name frank brown is not the Frank Brown who is a former administrator in Nashville. I certainly do not agree with his opinions.

By: frank brown on 5/1/09 at 12:28

To the real FRANK BROWN, You were an excellent administrator. I admired you greatly. You will wind up someday in the "Administrators" galaxy of stars. I am not at all pleased that you have chosen to forsake and deny your heritage. It just goes to show you!

By: real_frank_brown on 5/3/09 at 1:59

Do I know you? You obviously know me, thus you have an advantage. I am still an excellent administrator, only in county without Machiavellian politics. I have not forsaken my heritage, it was denied me by the same politcs that have led MPS into its current state.

By: MercerSondra on 7/12/10 at 9:00

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