MBA, football coach Daniel McGugin agree to part ways

Monday, April 25, 2011 at 10:22pm

Montgomery Bell Academy and former head football coach Daniel McGugin issued a statement late Monday noting the two parties have agreed to part ways.

No explanation was given for McGugin’s departure.

The announcement follows the recent controversy that erupted at the west side prep school over financial assistance various MBA parents provided to a student athlete's family in 2008. On April 15, MBA headmaster Brad Gioia announced McGugin had been dismissed.

At that point, McGugin did not acknowledge he had stepped down, stating, “I am proud to be the coach of MBA football and associated with this institution. I have done nothing that has been deemed immoral or unethical by the TSSAA, the MBA Board of Trust, or the headmaster of this school. I look forward to the 2011 MBA football season."

Pressed for details, McGugin said at the time that while he was aware of the financial assistance to the family of the student, he did not know when it occurred.

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By: Leazee on 4/26/11 at 11:23

This is appalling coverage of a big story that is being hushed and covered up by everyone....down to this paper. "No explanation was given for McGugin's departure."
Really? How about Daniel McGugin fabricating a story about parents providing the money and that he was not aware. Sadly, McGugin delivered the money and the story lies in the source of the money. The Board of Trust and the Headmaster have become partners in the deception because they know the extent of McGugin's "immoral and unethical" actions, but to have it all exposed would be disastrous for the school's reputation. This story demands an investigation. How about it City Paper, Nashville Scene, Nashville Post? Or are you caving in also?