McNair death: What police know

Monday, July 6, 2009 at 7:35pm

A Monday press briefing unveiled that Metro Police detectives have a good idea of what happened regarding "the gunshots" inside the condominium where former Titans star Steve McNair was murdered on Saturday, but are waiting for more information before releasing their findings to the public.

Police have categorized McNair’s death as a homicide. McNair died after sustaining four gunshot wounds, according to Metro Police.

Police have not yet categorized the death of the young woman with whom McNair had a dating relationship, Sahel Kazemi. However, Police spokesman Don Aaron, who answered an assortment of questions at Monday press conference, said detectives have “an idea of how things went down in the condominium as far as the gunshots.”

“The crime scene was meticulously processed with state-of-the-art equipment,” Aaron said Monday. “The very specially trained detectives on staff here at this police department have reviewed the scene, and actually were back at the scene this morning again, making sure that they understood what took place, and how it may have taken place.

“We think we have an idea of how things went down in the condominium as far as the gunshots. I’m not at liberty at this point to discuss that with you. But we think that we’re beginning to put the pieces of the puzzle together as far as that particular aspect.”

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation is conducting ballistics and gunshot residue tests, which Aaron said would help make a determination of how Kazemi died.

Dr. Bruce Levy, Chief Medical Examiner for the state of Tennessee and Davidson County, told News 2 of the four gunshot wounds McNair sustained, one, to the head, was at close range, or within inches of his body.

He said the other three, a second to the head and two to the chest, were shot from a distance of three feet or greater.

Dr. Levy said Kazemi died of a single contact gunshot wound to the head, which he said means the barrel of the gun was in contact with her skin.

Many of the facts released by Metro Police to this point indicate Kazemi’s death to be a suicide. The gun police believe was used in the shootings was found under her body, and Aaron said Monday there was no evidence to suggest the bodies were moved prior to police arriving at the Second Avenue and Lea Avenue condo on Saturday afternoon.

Police also revealed on Monday that Kazemi purchased the gun on Thursday evening from a private seller.

Already, investigators have said there was no indication of a forced entry into the condominium.


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By: bfra on 7/7/09 at 1:39

Is the City Paper still on vacation?

By: dargent7 on 7/7/09 at 5:18

First: Arrest the "private gun dealer", revoke his permit, and send him to Gitmo.
#2: It's hard for me to believe this small, barely 20 year old can pump bullets into an ex-NFL football player. If she ambushed him, after one or two shots he'd get up and rush her, falling to the floor. McNair just sat there while she came over and shot him in the temple? Then she's so cold, she shoots him in the "other temple"? That's "execution style", reserved for hit men. And if she shot herself in the head, the gun would richocet away from her body, not end up underneath it. Call in CSI's cast for this one.

By: Kosh III on 7/7/09 at 6:58

This just doesn't pass the "smell" test does it?

By: CJW on 7/7/09 at 7:26

That is the dumbest thing I have read today. The private gun dealer bears no responsibility in this situation. She was over 18 which is the legal age required to purchase a gun and in a private gun sale no waiting period is required. She killed him not the gun. It sounds like if she had not had a gun she would have figured out some other way to do it. This is probably what happened.

She got busted for DUI with McNair in the car. He new their relationship was going to get out and he was going to lose his family. So he was probably breaking off their relationship. She was afraid of losing her car, her apartment and her boyfriend. In her twisted immature mind she thought, if I can't have him no one can and she killed him.

I hear people on TV going on and on about what a great person McNair was. I agree it was a joy to watch him play and he did some great things for kids in Nashville and Mississippi. However, let's keep our mind on the main thing, which is if McNair had been at home and faithful to his wife, and not out catting around with this girl he would still be alive today. Let's hope that is the message kids take away from this situation.


By: NewYorker1 on 7/7/09 at 7:43

See, this is why Steve should have had a boy friend on the side instead of a girlfriend. Women are crazy, when are you guys going to realize that? This is why I don't do fish. They are needy, jealous, and have way too much mouth.

By: frodo on 7/7/09 at 8:16

If you or I were found dead with bullet holes and a young woman (or man in NewYorker1's case) were found dead nearby with a gun under him/her/it...would the investigation be as vigorous? I'm just askin'. I don't know how the police work. Does the death of a poor shlub from EuroMadison or HispAntioch get the same investigation as a rich and famous philanderer from LP Field?

By: River99 on 7/7/09 at 9:17

Dargent I completely agree with your statements. I have thought the same things and my hope is that if she really did kill herself will atleast explain how the gun ended up under her body and how she was able to fire off 4 bullets hitting him fatally without missing or any signs of a struggle by him. I also hope the police will not cover up what many feel might have really happened.

RIP Steve

By: frodo on 7/7/09 at 10:01

River, why would the police cover up what really happened? How much worse could the story get? The official PD spokesperson is already telling us about McN's extramarital habits.

By: Kosh III on 7/7/09 at 10:08

frodo "Does the death of a poor shlub from EuroMadison or HispAntioch get the same investigation as a rich and famous philanderer from LP Field?"

C'mon. Hobbits are smarter than that. You know the answer as well as I do. Littering on Curtiswood Lane gets more attention than murder in Madison.

And it's s C hlub. Oy vey!!!

By: Kosh III on 7/7/09 at 10:10


He could have been passed out giving her the ability to kill him without resistance. But I think there is more to it. I don't believe the cops will cover up anything but they may not try to uncover anything if they have a plausible explanation already.

By: zepfan on 7/7/09 at 2:49

has anybody stated the following possibilities?

1) She gets the DUI on Thursday morning. McNair bails her out, takes her to her car and (because he fears that this information will come out in the press and get to his wife) tells her that its over.

2) She is upset, goes and buys the gun later that day.

3) On Friday, McNair goes out on the town. Comes to his condo and she is there (probably not his choice). They argue. McNair still is going to let her go.

4) He passes out on the couch. She shoots him 4 times and then turns the gun on herself.

Just my theories.

By: WickedTribe on 7/7/09 at 5:22

The legal age to buy a handgun in Tennessee is 21. 18 is only for rifles.

So the gun dealer did break the law by selling her a handgun, and if she is the one who shot McCain, the gun dealer deserves at least as much blame as she does.

By: WickedTribe on 7/7/09 at 5:23

Good lord, how did I mistype McNair as McCain? Someone shoot ME.

By: frodo on 7/8/09 at 1:25

With a handgun or a rifle...I'm over 21, so your choice ; ]