McNair’s blood alcohol content was twice the legal limit

Monday, July 20, 2009 at 4:18pm
Staff Reports

Steve McNair had a blood alcohol content twice the state's legal limit at the time he was killed, according to a report issued Monday by the state assistant medical examiner.

Sahel ‘Jenny’ Kazemi, the mistress who police determined shot and killed the former Tennessee Titans quarterback in a murder-suicide on July 4, reportedly had a small amount of marijuana in her system.

Dr. Feng Li, the state’s assistant medical examiner, said McNair’s blood alcohol level was 0.16. Li said Kazemi had no alcohol in her system.

McNair’s body was discovered in a seated position on a couch in a downtown condominium he co-rented. It was widely speculated after his death had been reported that he had fallen asleep or passed out after a night of drinking at a pair of local establishments.


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By: house_of_pain on 7/21/09 at 5:39

Unless you are operating a motor vehicle, there is no such thing as a 'legal limit'.

By: HokeyPokey on 7/21/09 at 5:46

what house said. Jeepers, who writes this stuff, semi-trained monkeys?

By: dargent7 on 7/21/09 at 5:53

McNair was at "home". Sadly, he probably drove there impaired. I believe he was spotted at the Blue Lagoon prior. If so, sue that place for serving him!

By: frodo on 7/21/09 at 6:22

My thoughts, exactly House (you're the doctor on this one). I heard that statement on the radio yesterday about McNair's blood content being twice the "legal limit." I nearly ran my car off of the road. Question: What is the legal limit for listing to some of these news reports while driving? Apparently I exceeded the limit.

Or maybe the current political climate just sends shivers down our collective spines when we hear the inference that alcohol consumption in the home might be regulated. Kind of the opposite of a Chris Matthews' shiver up the leg.

By: JeF64 on 7/21/09 at 7:34

No dargent7, don't knee-jerk into "it's always someone else's fault," syndrome.
Who knows how many drinks McNair had before he got there or who might've been buying him drinks, or if he drank afterwards.

By: global_citizen on 7/21/09 at 8:31

I agree his blood alcohol level has no relevance to his murder. I'm not sure why it's part of the story.

One can only speculate whether he spent a night bar hopping and drove home impaired, or got home and had a few drinks. It was reported there were about 12 liquor bottles at the scene.

But again... what relevance does any of that have to his murder. None whatsoever.

By: bfra on 7/21/09 at 8:41

It has been reported several times, the video showed a vehicle letting McNair out in front of the condo. Also reported a zillion times, he had been what they called "bar hopping" Fri nite. What did they think? He had been sipping "green tea" all nite? Most of the reporters here in Nashville, need to go back to job training!

By: Kosh III on 7/21/09 at 10:14


Relevance? Maybe if he had not been passed out drunk, he would have felt the gun being stuck against his head and been able to escape.

By: SirKnight on 7/21/09 at 10:55

Kosh,The only person that would have felt a gun against his/her head was Jenny. She was the only one with discharge markings on her temple. She apparently didn't press the gun to his head when she shot him. Plus I think he had at least one or two bullets in his chest already!

I am very curious about the reference to a 'legal limit' is regarding the victim, unless it was a necessary piece of evidence to indicate his severe impairment of faculties at the time. With that much alcohol in your system, any one of us would likely be passed out or in a very deep slumber. So maybe the detectives are confirming why she was able to shoot him without a fight.

By: sidneyames on 7/21/09 at 1:11

Did it ever occur to you that maybe when he got back to his home and his miss-trist, that she gave him the alcohol so she could render him defenseless? She sounds sort of like a scorned woman, so why does it necessarily have to be the bar that is sued? And thank God she didn't kill his wife and kids - - or his purported "other" girlfriend. Maybe rendering him drunk and defenseless was the only way she could fire off a shot to his temple - killing him. Then she shot 3 more times to make triple sure he was dead. Nope, I say he may have been tipsy, but not stone cold drunk!

By: Kosh III on 7/21/09 at 1:20

I couldn't remember where he first got shot. Still, I think my point stands. Had he been sober, he might have been able to prevent it.

By: dargent7 on 7/21/09 at 1:46

JeF64: It really doesn't matter how many drinks he had "before" or "after". Any lawyer would throw out a "lawsuit" net to all bars/ restaurants he was seen and served at that night. When you are served "drunk", or leave "drunk" that place is on the hook, even if he came in "drunk". And, 0.16 is loaded, hours after he was found dead.