McWherter files papers, slams Haslam

Thursday, April 1, 2010 at 1:37pm

Mike McWherter, suddenly the last candidate standing in a once-crowded Democratic field, filed his qualifying petition to run for governor Thursday and promptly took a shot at the GOP front-runner, Bill Haslam.

During a speech on the steps of the state Capitol, McWherter accused the Knoxville mayor of exaggerating his accomplishments in his first TV ad in which he boasts of creating 11,000 jobs as an executive with his family’s Pilot Corp. Haslam’s campaign has conceded that nearly half that many jobs were added to the company's payroll through mergers and acquisitions of other truck stop chains.

“These are serious times,” McWherter said, “and these times require more from a candidate than simply juggling numbers on his TV ads to inflate his accomplishments. Tennesseans will see through those tricks, take the measure of the man, and say, 'If he's willing to stretch the truth on jobs, how can we trust him with the economy.'"

The Haslam campaign declined to comment. 

It was the second time McWherter has criticized Haslam. A month ago, he slammed Haslam for refusing to disclose all his income or to agree to put his Pilot holdings into a blind trust if he's elected governor.

McWherter, a Jackson businessman and the son of former Gov. Ned McWherter, filed his qualifying petition with the Tennessee secretary of state on the deadline for candidates to appear on the ballot. Five Democrats originally were running for governor but all but McWherter has since withdrawn. The last to drop out was former House Democratic leader Kim McMillan, who announced Wednesday she will run for Clarksville mayor instead.

Also in his speech, McWherter pledged to give a tax break to any business that creates jobs — “small businesses, the mom-and-pop operations, the entrepreneurs, the rural farm operations.”

“It’s crystal clear and it’s simple,” he said. “If you create jobs here in Tennessee, we’ll give you a tax break. We have to look after
our own.”

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By: buffy1 on 4/1/10 at 1:12

How funny. I watched the debate back a few months ago and actually thought that McWherter had been nipping at the bottle a little early that night. After reading his remarks here I now can rest certain that I was right. So now he puts up $1Million of his daddy's money....and here I thought that DEMS were the poor wretched representatives of the people who pulled themselves up by their bootstraps. In this case those bootstraps are gold plated. What hypocrisy. I demand that McWherter disclose all the profits his family has made when they blocked the sale of wine in grocery stores for years so that their beer distributorship could cash in without competition on the grocery stores sales. Guess he better get the union thugs ready to start the intimidation when people start questioning him at town halls (and that's if he has the guts - unlike Cooper- to hold meetings).

Here we have a trust fund kid from a father that brought Tn to the brink of insolvency with TN care, lets the governor's mansion rot into disrepair and expects Tennesseans to look past the fact that he has zero experience - sound familiar??? Don't we have a president with that kind of resume?

Hey Mike -the giant has awakened. You better have more than $1Million to put into this race. A groundswell has started.


By: UrbanNashvillian1 on 4/1/10 at 1:24

Buffy, you're an idiot. Grocery stores do sell beer. McWherter owns a beer distributorship. The two are completely different. Maybe it's you that needs to put down the bottle.

In addition, the Democratic politicians never claim to be poor. They claim to REPRESENT the poor. They are the opposite of the Republicans who only look after corporations and the rich individuals.

Also, it wasn't Ned that destroyed the state. You can lay that credit to Sundquist with all of his illegal and shady dealings.

By: Strider on 4/1/10 at 2:59

Umm, Mr. UN: I believe the point was that wine has been kept out of the grocery stores so as not to compete with the beer sales. Personally speaking, I believe that Democrats have enslaved most whom you would call the poor with the drug of entitlements The corporations suck up to both parties, and you are right about Sundquist.

By: richgoose on 4/1/10 at 4:44

The last thing I want is the son of an "ol time politician."

By: richgoose on 4/1/10 at 4:44

The last thing I want is the son of an "ol time politician."

By: nashtnman on 4/1/10 at 4:52

Urban, you’re the idiot, read what is posted. And as far as illegal, maybe you should look at the current Mayor, he is the snake in the grass plunging our city into debt.

By: buffy1 on 4/1/10 at 6:31

And thus Urbannashvillian1- the fine example of a Democrat voter.......illiterate, ignorant and uneducated.

Thanks to the others who actually read and comprehended the point correctly.

Good ol Ned Ray was the governor that forced the TNcare into state law in 1994...not Sundquist. It's a disaster, just like Obamacare. Bredesen even says so. As for "shady dealings".....oh you of little historical education. Try this name on for size.."Ray Blanton" a true Democrat through and through and a convicted felon. Go look up Kevin McCormack who was murdered by the Blanton machine. Last time I checked Sunquist did not have anyone offed. He may have been a p-poor governor but not a murderer. Oh and who can forget Bill Boner, that bastion of morality and propriety. Then there's Jim Cooper who works at Vanderbilt and got that poor underprivileged bastion of higher learning $80 MILLION in stimulus money.
You should look up all the worthwhile projects for that, such as researching the influence of adverse interpersonal experiences on the construction of mood-activated negative self-schemas.
Now that is a real winner for instant job getting isn't it? Of course it's okay to pay back Vanderbilt, after all they got him elected. Vanderbilt, Pharma and medical companies own Cooper..why share the wealth with those who actually need it?

Yep..the Dems are toast.

By: vechester on 4/2/10 at 7:07

Buffy, you are right on McW jr and Cooper. But this is the working template for all Dems. Look at Stupak! Was all warm and concerned for the rights of the unborn and then closed the deal with Obama like nothing ever happened. And if anyone reading this thinks that Obamacare will not pay for the killing of the unborn then you really are naive and uninformed. Obamacare guarantees the insurance companies business by making all of us buy their products.

And we can name many more Dems who have done the same thing. They are all simply charlatans who claim to be for the poor and the "little guy" but they are all rich and in the pockets of companies buying influence.

By: on 4/2/10 at 9:16

Why is it that most Newspapers, Radio and TV News, and such, who are owned by huge corporations, are mostly Liberal biased? If the Democrats were so against the big corporations, and looking out for the "lttle guy," these media outlets would not be so pro-Democrat and Liberally biased. With exceptions of Fox News and talk radio, the remainder is extremely pro Left Wing.

By: Anna3 on 4/2/10 at 9:24

Haslam may have added half the jobs from mergers but I know that at least two of the major companies he absorbed were headed for bankruptcy....sooooo based on the Obama system of creating jobs....Haslam's success at truly saving at least 5,000 jobs ought to count for creating and saving a million or two shouldn't it? McWherter is the lame brained kid of a former Gov. that came to office in the legislature without much money and retired a multi-millionaire heavily invested in Beer, Tucking, and Banking....all industries regulated by the state government...GO FIGURE! Little "Mike" was put into business by daddy but the company is run by other because "Little Mike" couldn't manage his way out of a wet paper sack!

By: Strider on 4/2/10 at 2:03

I have been told by different folks who should know that the real credit to whatever successes that can be placed with the Pilot Oil business is due to Haslam's older brother; and that little brother did not like the business, which is why he got into politics. I sure would like to know if this can be substantiated or not before I pull the lever. As for McW, don't forget his ownership in nursing homes - another highly regulated business he did remarkably well in.

By: buffy1 on 4/3/10 at 2:36

Yeah,,,there are always stories about one thing or another when it comes to brothers. Typical rumor mills abound during elections. When will the right learn that they can't elect Jesus Christ to office every cycle? We can't expect perfection from imperfect beings, but we can expect to use our faculties to discern who is the lesser of two evils and in the gov race it's more than apparent. The fact is that Haslam has been a fine mayor for Knoxville (unlike the last 3 we've had here) and he has business experience. McWherter is another lawyer party hack who's Daddy just about ruined this state...just like Cooper. At least Cooper finagled a salary out of Vandy. McWherter is still living off of his. My only question about Haslam at this point is will he have the cal johnsons to direct the TN AG to proceed with filing against Obamacare. He's got the smarts, now lets see if he has the will.

Just so all know, the Obamacare disaster is a mandate to the states. Just like the 100K cops on the street during slick willy's reign. He ordered it but didn't fund it past the first year. That left all the local PD holding the bag...thus the layoffs in law enforcement. A mandate from the fed gov to the states (which is what Obamacare is) makes the states pay for what the Congress has passed. So if you can imagine that the federal part of the bill for Obama care lands @ $2 TRILLION when all is said and done, that means that the states have to foot the rest of the bill which could land anywhere between $5 and 20 TRILLION. It's like handing a $5 bill to a valet parking attendant and then making him take over the car payment as well. That's what folks don't realize about this monster yet. That is also why the state leg is racing to constitutionally outlaw a state income tax. Which means if Obamacare stands (which I personally don't think it has a prayer) then the money will have to come from other pools such as property tax, sales tax, gas tax, corp. (franchise) tax, etc. How's that for a wonderful socialist utopian everyone out of existence.

Right now before any of this takes affect, every man woman and child in the US owes over $40K to the gov. That is $116K per tax payer according to the National debt clock. When you add up all the entitlments from SS, Medicare/aid, etc. the total reaches $350,000 per citizen. When the Fed side of the Obamacare goes into effect the amount will triple.

How does that sound for hope and change..........and now we are getting the crap and trade tax coming on top of that.

November can't come soon enough! The Dem's have to go before they ruin what is left of the country. Now I'm reading that the Dem controlled legislatures are trying to slam through bills corrupting the the election process in order to stay in power. Of course that can't happen here......they've already done that when they were in power with the "anyone with a photo id and an address on a piece of paper can vote" law. I hope we repeal that before Nov.

By: Strider on 4/3/10 at 10:18

Back to the Governor's race, there is little question right now that the only election that matters is the primary to elect the Republican nominee. Haslam seems to be the frontrunner right now, but he has some apparent vulnerabilities that could trouble conservatives. My prior stated concern about just how good a businessman is he really is one of them. I want the best of the three running for the Republican ticket, and I don't yet know who that is. But whomever gets it is almost a lock over McW for my vote.

I do not know enough about Ramsey yet, but I have heard good things about his leadership within the Republican Party. The Republicans assuming control of the State Legislature confirms that for me. Another thing I have noted is how liberal media outlets in the state like the Tennessean go out of their way to attempt to marginalize Ramsey in the race, which for me speaks another positive about him. Wamp comes off scary to me - a Republican version of Bill Boner. But right now I am still well undecided.