MDHA board approves reallocation of $7.1M in flood money to riverfront development

Tuesday, July 9, 2013 at 3:32pm

The Metropolitan Development and Housing Agency’s Board of Commissioners has approved a plan to reallocate $7.1 million in federal money from flood relief to downtown riverfront redevelopment.

Another $1.3 million will be redirected toward the construction of a new affordable housing development on Jefferson Street. The plan will also require approval from the Metro Council, a process officials expect to begin this month, and a final review from the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development.

The funds come from a $33 million grant the city received from HUD after the May 2010 flood.

At the MDHA board’s meeting Tuesday, the agency’s director of community development, Angie Hubbard, told commissioners that applications for housing assistance have “seriously declined.” She also expressed frustration at cases in which MDHA’s hands are tied because of a HUD rule that doesn’t allow the agency to reimburse flood victims who spent their own money on home repairs before the federal money came in.

“That was very discouraging to us,” Hubbard told The City Paper. “Where we are now, three years from the flood, people are either back in their house through other means that we can’t help, or they’ve walked away. If there are still people out there that may have tried to get a loan or got denied or something like that, or for whatever reason didn’t put any money in, we can still help.”

The reallocated funds are meant to go toward flood mitigation — which could include a promenade and a flood wall — as part of Mayor Karl Dean’s plan to revitalize the west bank of the Cumberland River. Dean’s $300 million capital spending plan, approved last month by the council, included $25 million for the project.

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By: Shane Smiley on 7/9/13 at 10:34

This flood damage money is now slated to be added to the $25 Million already approved in the 2013 Parks budget for the West Bank project and will help beautify and and protect downtown.
So money earmarked for flood repair is now being used for beautification of downtown while flood damaged roads, buildings, fencing, and RV hook-ups remain untouched at the Fairgrounds.
Must every large chunk of money spent in our county be focused downtown?
MDHA stands for Metropolitan Development and Housing.
Let's focus these disaster relief funds towards completing mitigation of flood damages in our county and send a large portion of these funds to fix Fairgrounds flood damages.

Join the movement to Save Our Fairgrounds (Fb) (.com)
Where Nashville comes together.

By: Trumpet on 7/9/13 at 11:33

Joe/The Collection:

"Well, here we go again!" Backwards. Or better yet, Backwoods.

This will be Great for the Barge traffic(The Ingrams)(The Opry Tourboats/Bud Adams/Gaylord) and the Rich Southern Land Barons(Morales/Mandrell etc), but it does little for "Jefferson Street Joe" "Ghetto Joe" or :"Jody...from Salemtown."

Reverse the allocations. Send 1m downtown and the 7m to Jefferson Street for THE BLACK MUSEUM.

One Heart!

By: Kosh III on 7/10/13 at 6:30

There are homes in my neighborhood which are abandoned and ruined due to the flood, I've pointed this out to my Councillor but it's not downtown.
Funny how a downtown park can get millions but Beaman Park can't get a penny for trail expansion even though it's just a matter of marking and cleaning up old farm roads for most of the distance.

By: JeffF on 7/10/13 at 7:47

I laugh that MDHA was responsible for the money to begin with. This is money that should have been handled by Metro government. Once again, Metro moves funding for all of Davidson needs to the off-budget enterprise from hell. Of course, this movement of money to downtown pet projects (with a token thrown toward Northern council members) may have been the plan all alone when Metro granted oversight to the MDHA shadow government.

By: gid on 7/10/13 at 2:57

I was flooded out of our Govt (other than FEMA) has ever contacted me to see if I need help or $$ for repairs. I pay taxes, I would like 60k of this 1.3M to just break even.

By: ancienthighway on 7/11/13 at 7:51

I'm amazed at how Nashville voted for a Democrat candidate and got a Republican mayor.

By: amabelmathews89 on 7/23/13 at 12:51

The funds come from a $33 million grant the city received from HUD after the May 2010 flood.