Men in custody after alleged robbery goes awry with gunshot

Monday, December 27, 2010 at 3:45pm
Staff reports

Metro police said Monday two gunmen face charges after they allegedly broke into a Hermitage home early in the morning and robbed a man and woman before one of the suspects was shot in the leg.

Michael Miller, 27, and Jeremy Barrow, 30, allegedly entered the house, located on Bonnavent Drive, Monday at 3 a.m. Both suspects were armed with handguns and demanded cash and drugs, police said. During the robbery, one of the weapons discharged, striking Barrow in the leg. Miller drove Barrow to Summit Medical Center where detectives took Miller into custody. 

Miller, of Ashland City, is charged with two counts of aggravated robbery and two counts of aggravated kidnapping. He has previous convictions for aggravated assault, theft and auto burglary. Miller is being held in lieu of $350,000 bond. 

Barrow, of Oakwell Farms Lane in Nashville, will be arrested on outstanding aggravated robbery and kidnapping warrants following his discharge from the hospital, police said. He has previous convictions for assault, DUI and drug possession.

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By: 742180 on 12/28/10 at 8:29

Map Bonnavent Drive. This is not a random hit. The chances of money, or very much money, in this neighborhood is slim and none. Has to be prior knowledge of who the people are.

By: zmania on 12/28/10 at 12:03

Glad no one was seriously hurt. The suspects reakkt needed to be caught before they kill themselves. Lol

As for the victims, hope they're alright and if they were doing something illegal, just stop. Its not worth your life "Z"

By: Nitzche on 12/29/10 at 4:13

Are they gay or heterosexual? I need to know this, since the City paper is in the business of telling this kind of "relevant information"

By: nothingbutagthng on 12/29/10 at 5:39

If I had to bet I would say every one involved were straight

By: knockonwood on 1/5/11 at 2:04

PREVIOUS POST: Map Bonnavent Drive. This is not a random hit. The chances of money, or very much money, in this neighborhood is slim and none. Has to be prior knowledge of who the people are.
In response to this, I happen to live in this area. It is not a "well to do" area such as the neighborhood you probably live in- but it is in fact a nice neighborhood where many older people reside and have lived there since the neighborhood was built in the 1960's. But, this neighborhood as many others in the Nashville area do I'm sure have those few houses where nogood drug dealing thugs reside. Nonetheless, it seems that people have been passing judgement suggesting that this was drug related and that the victims knew the assalants/robbers. While no one really knows if that is true, it seems strange to me that people posting on these websites think that "this is not a random hit.... has to be prior knowledge of who the people are".

I read in a report on this case that one of the criminals actually shot himself in the leg. That would indicate to me that he was under the influence of some sort of strong drugs himself . If you are drugged up enough to shoot yourself in the leg/knee or whatever it was, then I would assume you could easily be confused on the location of the home where you thought there may be "drugs and money". Not to mention there was another report that indicated the victims only had roughly $200 in cash (all of which was taken) and there is no report indicating any other items were taken. That would indicate to me that they were not the intended victims.

Also, one must consider that people that people these days will go in a house looking for perscription drugs and electronics. There are so many scenarios that could be the reason and I think if you are going to comment on a sensitive case such as this, you should keep in mind that nothing in this whole thing is certain and we should not pass judgement on people especially victims of such an aggrivated dangerous crime. Rather the victims knew the theives or not it in no way shape or form justifies the crime and if I recall, there was a 2 year old child inside.

So please, before you type out and post your opinion make sure you put it across as an opinion and omit the "has to be.." and other "certanties" that are not in fact at all "certanties" but only your own interpretation. Especially when you and no one else know the whole story.

By: knockonwood on 1/5/11 at 2:10

And one more thing, try running the suspects names through the Davidson County Criminal Background Search tool. I did, one of them has 4 priors all related to drugs, alcohol and theft/robbery. The other has over 30 priors -- in the warrant on one of the cases it was a random lady in the middle of the street in downtown nashville where he yanked her purse and stole all she had at gunpoint. Fact is, these punks should've been off the streets long before this act ever took place. That's your Tennessee Tax Dollars at work in my sarcastic opinion.

By: titanfan01 on 1/6/11 at 8:01

So let me understand since apparently I am very thick-headed. The mere fact that the perpetrators wanted money and drugs the victims were automatically drug dealers. They knew the perpetrators and brought this crime on themselves. So, in all of the other robberies that have occurred within the last few weeks the victims, due to some association with their invaders, are at fault with what occurred. And the prior 28-plus victims of this pair also knew them and thus played a part in their own assaults and burglaries.

This logic is bs and you know it. This is why so many rape victims do not press charges…because it is the VICTIM who is put on the stand and not the assailant. For some reason the VICTIM has to prove that he/she did nothing to “provoke” the crime against him/her.

There have been multiple robberies during the last few weeks. It was the holiday season and lots of people received electronics, money, and gift cards. In addition, has anyone seen ANYWHERE concerning this case that the robbery was DRUG RELATED? A drug deal gone bad? That the victims were suspected drug dealers? Absolutely not! Nor has it been reported that drugs or large amounts of money were found. No, the only thing we know is that the assailants DEMANDED drugs and money. Excuse me, but aren’t the type of people who commit these crimes the types of people who would look for, um, let’s say, DRUGS AND the MONEY to buy DRUGS????!

I myself was robbed four years ago. Fortunately it happened during the day when I was not home. My medicine cabinet was ransacked. Do you think the thieves were searching for antibiotics because one of them was ill? Do you think that because they ransacked my medicine cabinet I knew them and they suspected that I would have prescription drugs they would want? Get real people.

Let’s move on to the geographic location of the home. The home that was invaded was the first home on the street, and that street is located directly off of the main road leading into the subdivision. Suggests to me that the criminals were looking for a location that would give them a quick getaway without drawing attention to themselves. And for the sake of argument, let’s say that they did pinpoint that house. If you were to check public record, you would find that the homeowner had purchased (yes, purchased…they do not rent) the home only a short time ago. Very possible that if this specific home were targeted that it was merely a case of mistaken identity. In addition, do you really think that thugs like this would even dare to attempt a robbery of this magnitude in a so-called “nicer” gated-community neighborhood with security guards and security systems? Get off your high-horses. They wanted to get in quickly, intimidate the homeowners and grab some electronics they could sell, drugs if there were any and cash, and then get the hell out.

I am simply amazed at the lack of sensitivity displayed here and quite honestly, it dismays me and makes me doubt the human race as a whole. Without any evidence whatsoever, you presume, based on a brief news report, that these poor people who were tied up and traumatized while their child was in the home, were at fault. How dare you? I sincerely hope and pray that none of you ever have to experience the feeling of having your home invaded or even worse, having a gun put to your head, being pistol-whipped, and in fear for not only your life but the life of your spouse and child, then having the public judge YOU as the bad guy. Shame on you. I pray for this family and also for those of you who are so “above” everyone else that you can pass judgment on others.