Mendenhall back in court Tuesday

Tuesday, April 27, 2010 at 12:00am

The accused “truck stop killer” is expected to be in court again Tuesday afternoon.

Criminal Court Judge Steve Dozier is considering motions filed in two cases against truck driver Bruce Mendenhall, 59, of Albion, Ill.

One motion filed by the defense asked Dozier to grant Mendenhall a new trial based on alleged court errors following his January conviction and subsequent 30-year sentence on three counts of soliciting first-degree murder of witnesses in his upcoming murder trial.

The Davidson County Public Defender’s Office has also asked that some of Mendenhall’s comments recorded in a prison phone conversation be excluded from evidence in the murder trial, set to begin May 10.

Mendenhall is charged with the June 2007 murder of Sara Nicole Hulbert at a north Nashville truck stop. Wilson County law enforcement officials have also charged Mendenhall in the murder of Symantha Winters in June 2007 after her body showed up in a trashcan at a Lebanon truck stop.

Shortly after his arrest, Metro police said Mendenhall implicated himself in at least six homicides, the other four from other states.

The defense filed a motion March 29 alleging court errors in Mendenhall’s case and claiming some of Mendenhall’s statements to police were obtained in violation of his constitutional rights.

Mendenhall’s defense team, led by public defender Dawn Deaner, also inquired about gaining access to the murder weapon for possible testing from its own weapons expert.