Metro Councilman not interested in school board seat

Tuesday, June 30, 2009 at 1:37pm

District 22 Metro Councilman Eric Crafton said he will not pursue the Board of Education seat, which became vacant Monday when school board member Alan Coverstone resigned.

Crafton considered running for the seat when it was up for election a year ago. It will fall to Metro Council to appoint Coverstone’s replacement.

“I don’t know that I’d want to come in in the middle of a term,” Crafton said. “If I did it, I’d rather come in with a new group. Plus we’ve got a lot of problems we’re working on with the new convention center and lots of different things I want to finish up right now. We’re going to work to try to find a qualified candidate.”

Crafton said a group of Council members would meet next week to discuss the vacancy and potential replacements. They will likely fill the vacancy at the July 21 meeting.

Coverstone resigned his seat so he could apply for a new position overseeing the implementation of Metro Nashville Public Schools’ new charter schools policy. Earlier this year the state legislature expanded the scope of charter schools and opened the door for more children to be eligible to attend.

Mayor Karl Dean has endorsed Coverstone for the vacant position.

The last time Council appointed a school board member was in 2007 when Mark North was unanimously chosen.

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By: TharonChandler on 6/30/09 at 12:20

I myself was Never interested in any 'school board seat', initially; only later as a way to challenge for the valuable state teachers license {this was 10 years ago when I had planned to teach for about ten years, in some place such as Nashville or Sacremento}. At this point the 'incumbent' school board member from my 'home' district would be rather easy for me to defeat as he does not originate from the area and is known to be a part of the theives in town. I know that old town has been a terrible problem to my life just in the Games the theives play behind the scenes, and I will never live there again though I am innocent and better than they. They are torturing me now in ways that God will not forgive them (nor Lucy).