Metro employee indicted for theft of $60K in taxpayer payments

Monday, July 18, 2011 at 6:41pm
Staff reports

A Davidson County grand jury last week charged and indicted a former employee of the Metro Trustee’s Office with the theft of more than $60,000 in property tax payments that citizens had made in cash.

The employee, Kenneth Fleming, has since been arrested, according to a press release Metro Trustee Charlie Cardwell sent Monday afternoon. The Trustee’s Office serves as the county’s tax collection agency.

“Through a standard in-house audit, we learned that some cash property tax payments made by taxpayers had been removed from the system,” Cardwell said in a statement. “These financial controls are in place to ensure the financial integrity of the Trustee’s Office to Metro taxpayers.

“Status of property owners who made these payments is secure — we consider their balances paid in full,” he said.

According to Cardwell, he notified District Attorney Torry Johnson of the theft on May 27. The employee was fired four days later.

Cardwell said the District Attorney’s Office has investigated the matter and presented its findings to the grand jury, which delivered the indictment on July 15.

District Attorney’s Office spokeswoman Susan Niland did not immediately return a voicemail left by The City Paper.  

“We understand that the matter now is in Criminal Court and will be handled through the judicial process,” Cardwell said. “At this time, the initial court date for Mr. Fleming has not been set.”

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By: artsmart on 7/18/11 at 5:13

They finally caught one of their own instead of the news doing it for them.

By: govskeptic on 7/18/11 at 5:54

One would think with an arrest already made and Grand Jury action completed
there would be a NAME attached to this story. How much more protection does
a government employee get above and beyond the average citizen whose name
would be made public by the press immediately upon a Jaywalking charge.!

By: govskeptic on 7/18/11 at 5:57

Sorry, left out the sentence above on name being given earlier in the investigation!

By: bsaut on 7/18/11 at 6:46

Lock him up and throw away the key. Place a lien against all property he owns, and confiscate his bank account until all sixty thousand is repaid.

By: therapacize47 on 7/19/11 at 5:55

Good job. What is his name? I want to make sure we don't invite him to dinner not knowing the history.

By: Nitzche on 7/19/11 at 7:45

Ronnie Steine

By: titansjoe on 7/19/11 at 9:02

Wow so Ronnie Stiene is at it again? Ha ha ha so funny. Good one Nitzche

By: ratizbad on 7/19/11 at 1:13

We here in Davidson County Hire more crooks than anybody example Torrence, Ronald Serpas, John Arriola, Kenneth Fleming, and the ones they haven't caught yet.
There is a bunch of them still getting paid and providing corruption to the others

By: on 7/20/11 at 11:45

Wow! Lots of anti government psychos here. Peace be with you.

By: Nitzche on 7/20/11 at 4:12

EASY Castro, your government check will still come twice a month...these anti-gov. psychos still pay taxes- last i checked Chavez has cancer, so I know you are a little edgy!