Metro hikes fees at waste centers

Thursday, October 28, 2010 at 3:42pm
Staff reports

Fees at Metro’s three waste centers, as well as the Bordeaux Mulch Facility, are set to see a $1 to $2 increase next week, as part of the public works department’s efforts to promote recycling and to reduce the volume of waste being dumped in landfills.

The fees, which have not increased in over a decade, according to a news release sent by the public works department, are intended to offset operational and disposal costs.

Fees range from free (for three items) to up to $12 per cubic foot.

The Metro Council in August voted to overhaul Metro’s solid waste program, ushering in a host of new measures that were recommended by Mayor Karl Dean’s Green Ribbon Committee.

Among new initiates is a pay-as-you-throw program. Beginning in July 2012, residents in the Urban Service District using more than two trash carts will be billed for the collection and disposal cost of those additional carts.

By 2014, Metro will charge monthly fees — projected to be $5 or less — to households that use more than one 96-gallon trash container. The policy would apply solely to those who live in the Urban Service District.

According to Metro Public Works Director Billy Lynch, approximately 124,000 households within the Urban Service District rely on the public works department for trash collection. Of those, 106,000 households use only one container.

In addition, certain types of recyclable waste will no longer be allowed in waste containers, starting in July 2011, including brush and loose yard waste. In July 2013, corrugated cardboard will no longer be allowed, and in July 2015, electronic waste will no longer be allowed in waste containers.

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4 Comments on this post:

By: govskeptic on 10/29/10 at 9:34

Just another tax without being called a tax. Our state and
local governments do this all the time in all sorts of way
and claim upon re-election they didn't increase your taxes!
Tis like food, anytype repairs all go up, utilities go up yet
the government tells you there was no inflation for the yr.
How can that be???

By: koolbass on 10/29/10 at 10:47

Now "Big Brother" wants to start regulating my trash can ... where will all of this intrusion into my private life end up?

By: afallon on 10/29/10 at 2:20

First, it will be 12 bucks every time you go to the waste centers no matter how much you bring--since they were already charging 5 bucks before and it didn't matter how much you brought--those guys just sit around at the Trinity Lane center, take your money and direct you in the general direction of the different bins and stacks--I've seen them sit there playing cards. But what are you going to go with your trash deemed unacceptable for the trash bin? I suspect there will be a great increase in ppl dumping their trash wherever they can--what's next turning into the UK where they check to make sure you are not throwing away too much food--better get a composter now--it's coming.

By: gofer on 10/29/10 at 3:17

Only govt. has he 'nads to "promote" something by increasing the costs. Yeah, let's raise the price and call it a promotion! That's the ticket!