Metro kids taking standardized tests this week

Monday, April 20, 2009 at 12:38pm

After months of preparation, waiting, and — from school outsiders — speculation, it’s finally time for Metro students to take standardized Tennessee Comprehensive Assessment Program tests.

Kids in grades three through eight will complete tests this week that measure proficiency and achievement in math, science, social studies, reading and language arts.

Metro Nashville Public Schools has published recommendations to help parents maximize student performance:

– Make sure kids get a good night’s rest and a healthy breakfast on test days.

– Keep a positive attitude about tests, and talk with students about tests to help reduce stress.

– Mark test dates on a calendar so parents and children are aware of test dates.

– Ensure kids arrive at school on time.

– Praise children when they perform well on tests, and encourage them to try harder if he or she doesn’t perform well.

For MNPS as a district, this year’s round of tests could have big implications. If students district-wide don’t meet certain federal No Child Left Behind academic benchmarks, MNPS will enter Restructuring II status and state Department of Education will have the legal right to remove the current director of schools, as well as any individual board members.

Restructuring II would also give the state the legal right to appoint a trustee in charge of the school district, a role Mayor Karl Dean has said he wants to actively prepare to fill.

DOE Commissioner Tim Webb has publicly confirmed that his department is exploring the laws and statutes that might allow this to take place.

For more information about the tests, visit or click here.