Metro recruiting students for adult high schools

Monday, June 8, 2009 at 1:00am

Metro Nashville Public Schools is actively recruiting students for two new adult high schools, the district has announced.

The principals of the two new schools, Elaine Fahrner and Larry Saunders, have begun to seek students who have dropped out of high school, as well as students at risk of dropping out of their current programs.

“We are looking at numerous avenues for recruitment,” Saunders said, in a statement from MNPS. “Our goal is to identify any and all potential students, contact them, and do whatever we can to help them graduate from high school.”

Students aged 17 to 21 are eligible. The two new schools will operate on a non-traditional schedule, with extended classes offered on a nine-week rotation. The classes will be held mornings, afternoons and possibly evenings as well.

The new high schools were approved by the Board of Education in May at the recommendation of Director of Schools Jesse Register. Creation of the programs moves the district’s existing programming for adult high school students out of Cohn Adult Learning Center.

Sites for the new schools are the former Cockrill School building and the Opry Mills Mall Career Center. While the $1 million estimated annual budget for the new program is more expensive than the current $800,000 for the programs at Cohn that would be replaced, Register said existing teachers and staff could be tapped to follow students to the program and help keep the change budget-neutral.

The Cockrill program can accommodate 200 students, and the Opry Mills facility 100 students. Classes start this fall.

For more information about the new programs, call 259-INFO (4636).