Metro schools releases online interactive annual report

Wednesday, November 23, 2011 at 12:47pm

Metro Nashville Public Schools released an interactive annual report at Tuesday’s school board meeting, marking the second consecutive year school officials have turned to an online format to detail what they say are the district’s achievements.

“We are excited about the progress our district is making,” Director of Schools Jesse Register wrote in a letter that greets people visiting the annual report webpage, found at

The report –– which includes videos, graphs and slideshows –– highlights areas that have become familiar themes over the past year within Metro schools, many which fall under the umbrella of MNPS Achieves, Register’s education reform initiative.

Among items the annual report accentuates are: The state of Tennessee’s $501 million in federal Race to The Top money, $30.3 million that is earmarked for MNPS; the district’s Academies of Nashville, the instructional model found within high schools; Metro’s six new thematic magnet schools; and the school system’s efforts to address the needs of special-needs and English Language Learner students.

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By: asdfgh on 11/24/11 at 6:18

If MNPS truly wanted to address the needs of English Learning Students, they would make a meaningful change. Mixing the students with regular education students only works when the majority of the students are English speakers. Register's one size fits all approach does NOT help all students.
There are schools in Nashville that serve mostly an EL population. Those schools do not improve when the students are mixed. I am a Metro EL teacher in a school serving a 70+% foreign population. My classroom has 2 American children; and they are both below grade level in reading and writing. So Register's master plan is flawed. Our school is tremendously overcrowded. We have built on in every direction, yet still use several portable units for classrooms. Our narrow halls designed for 200 students must accommodate 850. And our 4 restrooms are on a very tight schedule to accommodate all these children. Our school desperately needs to be rezoned to allow us to make the gains Register is expecting. But year after year, we just keep building and putting in portable classrooms. If he truly wants to improve EL student scores, he has to stop shoving them into as few schools as possible.
Also if he truly wanted to improve their scores, MNPS would provide every classroom with a reading series. EL teachers are given a cheap acquisition program, and left on their own to develop a reading program. You absolutely CAN NOT teach reading from this program. However, it is cheaper to blame the teachers for the lack of gains than to actually do what is needed to fix the problem: Rezone over-crowded majority EL schools, and provide every elementary classroom with a reading program.

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