Misdemeanor charges against Titans' Kenny Britt dropped

Tuesday, December 6, 2011 at 1:34pm
Staff reports

Kenny Britt, appearing in court Tuesday morning, saw prosecutors drop charges of falsifying information on driver’s license applications.

The 23-year-old Tennessee Titans receiver faced two misdemeanor charges, but according to Jonathan Farmer, Britt's attorney, they were dropped at a hearing in Davidson County General Sessions Court, which Britt attended.

Officials reinstated Britt's driving privileges at a Department of Safety administration hearing earlier this year.

Britt surrendered to police in June after the Tennessee Highway Patrol swore out warrants alleging he had provided false information on two different driver’s license applications.

The Titans’ star receiver had previously been away from Nashville during the National Football League lockout and wasn’t home when police first tried to serve him with the warrants.

Britt’s season ended in the Titans’ third game of the season against the Denver Broncos.

2 Comments on this post:

By: dargent7 on 12/6/11 at 1:05

How do these "star" athletes and Hollywood "stars" get "charges dropped" all the time?
Britt had weed on him.
If it were me, it's 5 years probation and you'd be seeing my skinny ass on I-40E cleaning up trash, several times.

By: wataboutbob on 12/7/11 at 6:20

Didn't know you could be arrested for falsifying info on a driver's license application?!?
What was it, false height and weight?