MTSU deals with second shooting incident within two-day span

Wednesday, February 16, 2011 at 12:55pm
Staff reports

A second shooting in two days involving the Middle Tennessee State University campus was reported Wednesday morning.

The shooting did not occur on campus, but MTSU officials sent an alert at approximately 11:15 stating a shooting happened on nearby Hanover Street. 

The alert stated one victim had been hospitalized and reported the suspect wearing a red-hooded sweatshirt and tan pants ran from the scene of the shooting and toward the campus. 

The suspect is described as a 6-foot-tall  21- to 22-year-old, dark-skinned black male with no facial hair and a bald head. Police are no longer on the scene and don't believe the suspect is still in the area.

Hanover Street T-intersects with Greenland Drive, a major Murfreesboro street that borders the north side of the campus.

Faculty and students had been advised to stay alert and avoid the area.