Murfreesboro mosque opponents petition TN Supreme Court to hear appeal

Tuesday, July 30, 2013 at 7:03pm

Opponents of the Murfreesboro mosque took their case to the Tennessee Supreme Court Monday, filing a petition to appeal against an earlier judgment in favor of the building’s construction.

The application for appeal attempts to overturn a recent Tennessee Court of Appeals opinion that reversed a June 2012 Rutherford County Chancery Court ruling that the Rutherford County Regional Planning Commission erred in their approval for the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro under the Open Meetings Act.

The Court of Appeals ruled that there was adequate notice of the approval of the ICM site, but Monday’s suit takes issue with several facets of the notice procedure and site preparedness processes.

“It would be easy and even politically correct for this Court to look at the style of this case and refuse to consider the legitimate, yet controversial issues involved,” the suit reads. “In essence, that was the opinion of the Tennessee Court of Appeals.”

The suit alleges that if the Court of Appeals decision is upheld, it will sanction a legal standard that conflicts with prior case law.

The case requests that the Tennessee Supreme Court overturn the decision and reinstate the Chancery Court judgment.

The Islamic Center of Murfreesboro opened in August 2012.

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By: Kosh III on 7/31/13 at 7:03

I am confident that the Court has read and understands the First Amendment.

By: joe41 on 7/31/13 at 7:23

Stop wasting our money. The Center has been built and is open for God's sake.


By: Rocket99 on 7/31/13 at 7:24

These people just need to give up.

If the Islamic Center was handled in the same manner of any other religious group, then this is over. If they were given preferential treatment, then there is a potential problem.

I'd be willing to bet that if the First Baptist Church in Murfreesboro did exactly the same thing and everything else was handled in the same way, there would not even be a peep out of anyone involved in this lawsuit much less anyone else.

The opposition group has come across as narrow minded, bigoted and hateful from the very beginning. Just wonder how many of them consider themselves Christian.

By: gm.thisfeller on 7/31/13 at 7:38

I sympathize with the unfortunate expenditure of funds, and what seems to be a waste of time; but it is their right to petition if they think they have a grievance. I trust the the court will make the right decision and uphold the building and opening of the mosque. It seems that too often we Americans of whatever religious stripe forget the First Amendment.

By: truthseeker53 on 7/31/13 at 8:22

EVERY American NEEDS to see

By: Left-of-Local on 7/31/13 at 8:49

Nice video. Anyone who gives a shit whether Muslims or Christians get to claim the majority share of the increasingly small percentage of "faithful" people? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?


Can all the xenophobic morons, both in the courts and on the web, just grow up (or get an education)? That'd be nice. Thanks.

By: Captain Nemo on 7/31/13 at 9:01

The world is chancing: Neanderthal Man

By: amyinsparta on 7/31/13 at 11:34

Oh, lord, just give it up, people! These people and the fundamentalist Muslims are made from the same cloth-hatred, prejudice, a sense of superiority.

The universe and all in it evolve every second of every day. You cannot stop it. Understand that most people of all religions want to walk the middle path. It is you and your fundamentalist Muslim brethren that want to DICTATE your particular version of religion and make it the law of the land. We will not succumb to it and eventually, neither will our Muslim brothers in God.

By: Blanketnazi2 on 7/31/13 at 12:15

Yep, give it up already.

By: global_citizen on 7/31/13 at 2:50

I guess these constitution-loving citizens believe that freedom of religion means only freedom to practice Christianity.

By: Rocket99 on 8/1/13 at 8:45

Guess people aren't aware of the history of christians and the bloody crusades. More wars have been started and more people have been killed in the name of some god than anything else.

By: yucchhii on 8/1/13 at 12:44

Hey Rocket 99, I suppose YOU KNOW the bible? That's why you want to tell people about the wars that have been fought that were spoken of in the bible? So I suppose you are a scholar who is an expert? If you knew some of the important things the bible teaches, you would know the reasons behind a lot of what is written about and why GOD does the things he does, did and WILL DO. I can bet you don't know DIDLEY about many things in the bible, but you want to TWIST things around. Just like those who say they gave God a chance to do something for them, but it didn't get done. Too bad they don't READ and UNDERSTAND what the bible says and STUDY EVERY WORD like the bible says to do.
Did you know the bible has a forward in it. Do you know what THAT is? If not, if you read any other book, you know it's a comment from the author (God) sometimes tell a little about him/her self, or about the book and/ or other things the author wants you to know before you start to read.
God gives a forward in three steps...1- 2nd Peter 1:20 <(Do you know what those numbers mean?) it says "KNOWING THIS FIRST" that means ABOVE EVERYTHING ELSE, TO "KNOW" THIS FIRST. NO scripture is of any private interpretation. That means DO NOT ASSUME ANYTHING WHAT GOD SAYS..."I think God meant this and I think God mean that"...NO! He wants you to "KNOW" what he's saying. That leads into the third step 2nd Timothy 2:15.. "STUDY'...what is that FIRST word?...."STUDY". Study what?....GODS WORD (The bible) get to studying it all and "KNOW" what God says. If you assume anything you will get thrown so far out, you won't even be in the ball park anymore. STUDY to show thyself approved unto GOD. (If your truly studying HIS word, he will be like Fonzy and give the thumbs up..."AYYYyyyyy". You will learn sooo much more for TRUTH than all that you THINK you KNOW!! The third step is Romans 10: 9-10. I'll leave that for you to STUDY!! So don't lead people astray from things YOU don't REALLY know anything about. You can say whatever you want about me, but TRUTH IS TRUTH and TRUTH IS SHARPER THAN ANY TWO EDGE SWORD!! Don't like it? Take it up with GOD!!