Music City Center lands 2015 American Heart Association convention

Wednesday, October 19, 2011 at 6:29pm
Staff reports

The Nashville Convention & Visitors Bureau announced Wednesday the American Heart Association/American Stroke Association has chosen the under-construction Music City Center for its International Stroke Convention in February 2015. 

The meeting is expected to attract more than 5,000 attendees for a total of more than 7,400 room nights, city officials said in a release.

“The American Heart Association’s decision to hold its meeting here is another great example of Nashville’s appeal as a convention destination,” Mayor Karl Dean said in the release. “This particular convention represents the type of high-quality business that the Music City Center will attract with its flexible, state-of-the-art space. This announcement further underscores why a new convention center is one of the best investments the city can make for future economic development.”

The ISC is the ASA’s premier scientific meeting, providing a forum for more than 900 presentations of recent scientific work in cerebrovascular disease and stroke over a two and one-half day conference. Attendees are medical professionals in the field of cerebrovascular disease from around the world including neurologists, neurosurgeons, emergency medicine specialists, nurses, allied health professionals and researchers.

“Nashville is a solid choice for our organization, as the city and the new Music City Center fits within our strategic plan for this meeting within the next 10 years,” Leigh Ann Stockard, vice president, scientific meetings for the American Heart Association, said in the release.

To date, the NCVB has booked about 469,500 room nights for the MCC, which is slated for completion in February 2013. The first event scheduled in the new center is the American Trucking Association’s Technology & Maintenance Council in March 2013.

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By: JeffF on 10/19/11 at 9:46

Weren't they at the current facility at least one other time? Or were they at Opryland? Wasn't the point of this to pull in new meetings they supposedly would not fit in the current paid-for place?

By: MusicCity615 on 10/20/11 at 7:45

This is great to hear. Glad to see this

By: producer2 on 10/20/11 at 8:27

:) keep trying...

By: JeffF on 10/20/11 at 10:16

You avoided answering. Was this conference not already here in Nashville at least one other time? If they have been here that will determine the true value of this announcement because more than likely they will be paying nothing for the meeting space and the money to fund those expenses and the meeting planner kickbacks will be coming from somewhere else.

It is a very fair question to ask when cheerleaders promote an "accomplishment" with very little details or history.

By: producer2 on 10/20/11 at 10:37

No and if you were paying attention you would clearly see that the size of this group would make it impossible to have been in the current center. Think about it, the new Omni only has 800 rooms so it is going to require many full hotels to make this happen. That is the entire point which you continue to miss. 5000 attendees and 7400 room nights. An average show is 3 days so 7400 divided by 4(allowing for travel) = 1850 DAILY occupied rooms in your favorite area......downtown!
Now how many meals do you think that is at area eateries? How many cocktails, visits to the museums or symphony or Bridgestone or maybe even the Ryman, the new park on the East Bank and the list goes on and on. Now multiply that by another 50 events that are already booked and you should be able to see the number of folks this impacts with jobs of all types and pay scales. Not to mention the money that ultimately goes back into the coffers of the city.

By: producer2 on 10/20/11 at 10:40

And to answer your biggest question...As I explained to you just recently, groups ALWAYS pay for the space whether it is directly or through rebates from the local hotels. the Center gets its rent......

By: JeffF on 10/20/11 at 8:22

Has this meeting been to Nashville? Either in the downtown center or in the hated Gaylord facility? I did not ask if the meeting reported to be this size in 2015. Has the American Heart Assoc. ever held its meeting in Nashville?

A lot of stuff gets overlooked because supposedly it does not count if Gaylord got the money. It does appear that Gaylord has hosted this same conference at its smaller facility in Florida based on a spot check of records. This group is no bigger than the baseball Winter meeting and entourage that have been in Nashville a few times.

Has the Heart Association has any of its conferences in Nashville? I bet they have.

By: govskeptic on 10/21/11 at 6:41

Glad to see they are returning to Nashville! As to the Mayor's, Convention
Bureau, and producer2's PR statements, we can expect to hear pomp and
more pomp about this grand facility until after about the first 6 months
of being opening when the cost on bonds and operations start exceeding
revenues by large margins. Until then expect press releases like the
above with huge room nights and expected expenditures to be estimated
at the maximum for ever thing booked as if it wouldn't have happened
without the new facility!

By: producer2 on 10/21/11 at 7:09

Again JeffF This meeting has never been in Nashville. I am sure there have been some kind of events for the American Heart Association as there are in almost all cities but this particular meeting with the Association has NEVER been in Nashville. Keep digging though, I am sure the fact that they have held there meetings in other cities somehow translates to holding the meeting here in your mind.
These days must be horrible for you and govskeptic. Each day and group that signs to come to the City is just one day and signed contract closer to creating the factual outcome most of us knew would come. This actually does work! Until then, keep firing boys, your glory days are numbered...

By: producer2 on 10/21/11 at 7:13

PS...Gaylord Opryland pays the same hotel/motel taxes as all of the other hotels. So if in fact they too land a large meeting it all goes into the same coffers. they are also supported in a sales and marketing manner from the CVB. It's all good! Happy Friday!

By: glancaster on 10/21/11 at 1:09

Producer2 - thanks for the optimism. I just don't understand why there is so much negativity in this world today. What's wrong with you people? Shame on you! I believe that the new center will be a huge catalyst for OUR region and we'll show you some real trickle-down economics!

By: macjedi on 10/24/11 at 7:59

JeffF's desperate attempt to continue the misguided public crankiness over the MCC is another sign of the stick-in-the-mud set's desperation.

Fact is, it DOESN'T MATTER if any group has even been in Nashville. ONCE THEY HAVE LEFT, THEY ARE LOST BUSINESS. And that mass exodus of groups was the key issue.

Glad to see things going exactly as planned. Getting lost business back, OR new business - either way, kudos, CVB.

By: James99 on 12/22/11 at 12:25

Hosting large events such as the American Heart Association’s is a greatest feat for Nashville and there would be more in coming. This is because of their "to be completed" convention center in 2013.

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