Nashville No. 8 on World Cup bid fan list

Friday, November 5, 2010 at 1:16pm

Nashville is now positioned No. 8, up from No. 11, on the 18-city fan list of U.S. cities vying to host World Cup action in 2022, the Nashville Convention and Visitors Bureau said today.

The slotting at No. 8 does not guarantee Nashville and LP Field will host a World Cup game, but it greatly increases the city’s chances, according to Molly Sudderth, CVB communications director.

“Nashville’s done a great job of showing its support for World Cup soccer and our ranking shows it, but we still need everyone that hasn’t signed the online petition to do so,” Sudderth said. “If we can continue to show strong interest and support, we will be in a better position to host the games.”

Today, officials emailed the most recent leader board, which ranks the Top 10 of the 18 cities, based on votes from fans, as follows: 1. Philadelphia (102,595 supporters); 2. Indianapolis (81,741); 3. Houston (77,366); 4. Miami (72,519); 5. Tampa Bay (68,503); 6. Los Angeles (64,520); 7. New York-New Jersey (62,414); 8.Nashville (46,198); 9. Seattle (44,936); and 10. Atlanta (42,486).

The remaining eight are (in order of ranking), Baltimore, Washington D.C., Kansas City, Dallas, Denver, Boston, San Diego and Phoenix-Glendale.

Sudderth said had Nashville ranked No. 11 in August.

Of the 18 cities/stadiums, 12-14 are expected to be selected for World Cup action if the United States secures the country bid. Via the Chicago-based U.S. Soccer Federation, the U.S. is competing with Australia, England, Indonesia, Japan, Qatar, Russia and South Korea, as well as combined bids from Portugal/Spain and Belgium/The Netherlands. FIFA, which governs the World Cup, has been conducting site visits this year and will make a decision on the 2022 World Cup on Dec. 2. 

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By: govskeptic on 11/5/10 at 12:04

That and a power-point from Convention Bureau should seal the deal!
Oh, I forgot and a pledge to put up about a billion dollars. No problem.

By: TITAN1 on 11/5/10 at 12:12

govskeptic, you chose the right screen name.

By: richgoose on 11/5/10 at 12:16

I vote TITAN1 for Nashville spokesperson at the National Used Car Salesmen Convention.

By: TITAN1 on 11/5/10 at 1:14

I vote frankbrown/richgoose as the biggest fake and blowhard in Tennessee.

By: richgoose on 11/6/10 at 3:26

Titan1....I do not know about Frank Brown but as for me you left out, OFFENSIVE and ARROGANT.

By: govskeptic on 11/6/10 at 8:55

Thanks folks, I can speak a bit more free than some as I don't
draw a paycheck from any City payroll nor anyother government
payroll. It's the $3760. per yr property tax bill that gives me a
bit of skepticm on how this city spends money and more
importantly their priorities. I know, many pay much more
many pay less.

By: yank283 on 11/6/10 at 5:00

On topic, this is great to hear. Hopefully the US will get the nod, Nashville will get some games, and then who knows, possibly a MLS team to follow...

By: TITAN1 on 11/6/10 at 6:47

richgoose trying to deny he was posting as frankbrown before his current name is priceless. Whats the matter you think everybody who was posting when you made the switch forgot about it? Someone else started posting under the name "The real frank brown " and called you out on it then you made the switch. Same old blowhard posts Pitiful, just pitiful. Makes one wonder what other names you may be using.

By: richgoose on 11/7/10 at 7:01

TITAN1......You have assailed the good name of the REAL FRANK BROWN. Why would a nice middle class human being like you project this vile on that good man.

With you and I it is just good dialogue!

By: TITAN1 on 11/7/10 at 7:19

You are a lousy liar, but you already know that. Sad that you get your jollies acting like an ass. Or is it REALLY an act?

By: richgoose on 11/7/10 at 10:25

TITAN1.........I am surprised that a man making $55,000 dollars a year cannot see the difference between an act and a jolly achievement.

You and I have had a wonderful exchange of comments. I see no reason that you must include the REAL FRANK BROWN in your diatribe.

By: TITAN1 on 11/7/10 at 11:07

Nice try, acting like you know me. I only know you from this MB. You come off as someone who is so full of BS that it comes out your ears. You also come off as a joy sucker. You switch names when someone calls you out. You come off as very negative. I could go on, but everyone who posts here knows I'm right, but just let you get your jollies. To post on a MB and portray yourself this way is pathetic. If you really are this way, then you are beyond pathetic.

By: richgoose on 11/7/10 at 3:21

Titan1.......I confess that I do not know you personally but I know a dozens of people like you. I try to help you people overcome your disconnection with reality but it appears futile.. In any case your assesment of me is pretty accurate. You should not let people who view life differently than yourself upset you so. I live by the third grade rule and perhaps you should as well. "Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me".

Remember this,55,000 dollars a year is far better than 35,000 dollars a year.

By: TITAN1 on 11/7/10 at 6:19

You really do have issues. I pity you.

By: richgoose on 11/7/10 at 9:11

TITAN1.........I appreciate and accept your pity. You are a good samaritan and a man who is accepting of anything good that comes along.