Nashville rapper WeeWee files copyright suit against Memphis' Yo Gotti

Friday, June 8, 2012 at 4:50pm
Staff reports

It may not be East Coast-West Coast, but Nashville rapper Eric “WeeWee” Fleming filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against Mario Mims — better known as popular Memphis rapper Yo Gotti — on Thursday.

WeeWee claims that Yo Gotti and his producer, Brandon Cottrell, used a copyrighted beat in a song called “28 Bars.” The lawsuit said the song’s title reflects the 28 bars (or measures) of music that WeeWee came up with.

In the initial complaint filing, WeeWee’s attorney cites an email exchange with Cottrell that doesn’t deny the breach of copyright. WeeWee originally emailed Cottrell asking for his name to be credited on the song and for a cut of royalties.

“I’m pretty sure money has been generated from [“28 Bars”] ... I’m not trying to take this to legal action I just want what’s owed to me,” WeeWee wrote to Cottrell. “I don’t wanna take it far. Yo Gotti is one of my favorite artists. Just get word to him so I can wrap with him.”

Cottrell responded by telling WeeWee to “go after people that are actually making money from the songs.”

Cottrell didn’t immediately respond to an email for comment on Friday.

Yo Gotti released his first major label album, Live From the Kitchen, earlier this year on RCA Records. He has collaborated with other artists like hip-hop stars Drake and Nicki Minaj.

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By: yucchhii on 6/12/12 at 1:24

The (C)RAP beat ALL sounds the same!!! I still say...let these idiots LEARN HOW TO SING and come up with ORIGINAL MUSIC!!! STOP TAKING FROM SOMEONE ELSE WHO ACTUALLY PLAYS MUSIC!!! CAN'T ARGUE WITH TRUTH!!!