National Briefs

Thursday, February 15, 2001 at 1:00am

Witness says Bin Laden bought U.S. jet

NEW YORK - An Osama bin Laden aide, on trial for plotting to kill Americans, helped arrange for the Saudi dissident to buy a jet in the United States that could be used to transport Stinger missiles, a witness alleged yesterday. Essan Al-Ridi, who was working as a flight instructor in Texas, testified he was contacted by defendant Wadih El-Hage in 1993 and asked if he could help obtain a jet for the wealthy Saudi exile.

Bush reluctant to start U.S. peacekeeping missions

CHARLESTON, W.Va. - President George W. Bush said yesterday he will be reluctant to deploy troops in peacekeeping operations but promised there would be no hasty pullout from places like Bosnia and Kosovo.

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