NES says about 300 customers remain without electricity

Thursday, April 7, 2011 at 12:02pm
Staff reports

Nashville Electric Service officials said Thursday afternoon that approximately 308 customers were still without power as of 4 p.m. 

NES crews have been working around the clock since Monday afternoon’s severe storms.

The number is down from 650 customers Thursday morning and a high of 78,000 customers following the brutal winds that accompanied the rain Monday. 

Approximately 73 line are in the field making repairs, with crews having reported finding 62 broken poles due to the storm. If work goes as planned, NES hopes to have electricity to a significant majority of the 308 customers by late Thursday night, the utility said.

During a large-scale outage, NES first restores power to substations that feed circuits. Those circuits provide power to transformers that serve neighborhoods and streets. NES said individual wires that service residences via poles are served by transformers. As such, the utility said individual outages must be repaired last. 

Customers should inspect the electrical equipment (meter box and masthead) attached to their home for damage. If any of that equipment has been pulled away from the house, the customer will need to hire a licensed electrician to make the necessary repairs and get a Metro Codes Department release before NES can restore power.

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