NES, TVA helping flood victims rebuild more energy efficiently

Wednesday, June 9, 2010 at 4:36am
Staff reports

A new partnership announced Tuesday between the Tennessee Valley Authority and Nashville Electric Service gives victims of storms that swept across the region last month another reason to include energy efficient upgrades as they rebuild.

TVA’s Energy Efficiency Disaster Assistance Initiative—for residents and businesses in federal disaster areas—gives residents with FEMA documentation up to $500 in rebates for weatherization and heating and cooling improvements.

Homeowners may also take advantage of up to $20,000 in low-interest financing through participating power distributors. These loans can be repaid through monthly power bills over a period of up to 10 years.

Business customers will be able to qualify for rebates on high-efficiency lighting and heating and cooling equipment through new provisions available in TVA’s Commercial Efficiency Advice and Incentives program.

"This is a great program for all our customers, but especially for those who have been impacted by the recent flooding and are in the process of rebuilding their homes, stated Decosta Jenkins, NES president & CEO. “I appreciate TVA’s quick response in implementing this project at such a crucial time. Employees in our Energy Services Department are already working with contractors and customers to get them approved to take advantage of the program.”

Flood victims interested in the program should call 1-877-634-9442.