'Nooga $112 million, Nashville nada in energy funding

Wednesday, October 28, 2009 at 1:00am

When President Barack Obama announced $3.4 billion in economic stimulus funds to modernize the nation's electrical grid, three Tennessee cities emerged with shares of the federal largess – but Nashville was not one of them.

An application from Nashville Electric Service for a $51 million grant toward a smart-grid infrastructure project did not make the cut to become one of the 100 recipients chosen for the program. NES had applied in coordination with the Tennessee Valley Authority.

The bid from the city's electric utility made it through an initial compliance review but did not meet with the success that utilities from Chattanooga, Memphis and Knoxville enjoyed. Led by a $111.6 million grant meant to help the Electric Power Board of Chattanooga deploy a "smart meter network" to all of its customers, Tennessee pulled in a total of $120.2 million from the awards announced Tuesday.

The smart-grid initiative is a component of the $787 billion American Reinvestment and Recovery Act enacted early this year. The White House has hailed the program as "the largest single energy grid modernization investment" in U.S. history.

NES spokesperson Teresa Corlew confirmed that the utility had sought the funds. "We are supposed to receive an assessment report of our application in the future but have no further information at this point," she said.


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By: govskeptic on 10/28/09 at 4:01

Lookout for NES's new meters! They just installed them on our
15 yr old westend condo units and everyone's supposed use and
bills have jumped about 200-300 percent. You don't need to
raise the rates much if their new meters is going to do it for
them. Will be interesting to see how much their revenues
are shown to increase as these new(Smart)meters go in
around the city!

By: localboy on 10/28/09 at 7:51

Wonder if NES lost out on their $51m bid because $49m went towards salaries and benefits...

By: willtw on 10/28/09 at 7:57

is it possible that politics played any role in this decision or the results by city of the Nov 08 election? One has to continually look below the radar to find truth...........

By: airvols on 10/28/09 at 8:13

Thank you Mr. Corker for the home cooking. You have managed to run off GM from Middle Tennessee and now your funding everyone, but the mid state. I hope everyone remembers this come next election.

By: dogmrb on 10/28/09 at 12:05

NES is not a good citizen or power company. We all know it and, obviously, the Feds know it. Their greatest mission is arborcide -- to cut large, old trees which supply oxygen and protection from the sun.