Notorious anti-gay church to protest at Nashville, Franklin churches

Tuesday, July 10, 2012 at 12:01pm

The notorious Westboro Baptist Church is planning to picket two churches in Nashville this weekend.

Don Aaron, spokesman for the Metro Nashville Police Department, said members of the church notified police of their plans to protest at the Charlotte Avenue-based Cross Point Church as well as Mt. Zion Baptist Church on Old Hickory Boulevard this Sunday morning.

Cross Point pastor Pete Wilson posted a video on the church’s website warning churchgoers about the events this weekend.

“They’re here because they disagree with me on how Jesus would deal with sin and how Jesus would deal with people. It is beyond me how a group of people could be filled with such destructive hate and still claim to follow the same grace-filled Jesus that I do,” Wilson said in the video.

Although Westboro’s website makes no mention of protesting at Mt. Zion, it says they plan to protest at 11:30 a.m. to noon at Cross Point. They also have a protest stop planned for GracePoint Church in Franklin earlier in the day.

“WBC will picket the Cross Point Community Church to remind these so-called Bible Belt Christians that this nation was turned over to the [gays] on their watch,” Westboro’s website says. “While playing and socializing at Cross Point, the [gays] continue their march to control this land.”

In his video message to his congregation, Wilson acknowledges that the unsolicited visit by Westboro members may not happen at all as they have, in the past, announced they’d be coming but not shown up.

If they do show, however, Wilson asked that his church members “not respond in anyway. Don’t engage their rhetoric, and whatever you do, do not respond with the same level of hate that they show.”

Aaron added that Westboro members only plan to be at each location for about 30 minutes and police would evaluate each protest in an attempt “to ensure the safety of everyone at those locations.”

Cross Point is a nondenominational church and claims to be one of the fastest-growing churches in the country. The church recently announced plans to acquire the Rexel Electric building near LP Field.

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By: tn.native on 7/10/12 at 11:44

Religions should be paying taxes like everyone else!

By: capt4chris on 7/10/12 at 2:49

We're you not able to get more details as to why Westboro is going to protest? This is a very strong action to take. What did Cross point do specifically?

By: DiatribesAndOvations on 7/10/12 at 3:16

Eventually people will get tired of spending tax dollars on police and other "safety measures" every time these nitwits say they're going to show up somewhere.

Until then, we should encourage the media to ignore them. The fact that they "might" show up somewhere should not be news.

By: pswindle on 7/10/12 at 5:24

The crazy right-wing-nuts have taken over. But, who in the h$$$ cares what they think. Let them stand out front and protest. It just show that they have crossed from sane sot insanity.

By: paulalanjones on 7/11/12 at 5:43

If you are going to report a story and quote a source, don't tame their rhetoric. Westboro used the term "fags" everywhere you see "[gays]" in the story. It may be an offensive slang term, but it is the term they used in the quote. If you don't want to use their hate-filled rhetoric why not just paraphrase their statement? Especially, since their rhetoric is what makes Westboro picketing a story in the first place.

By: govskeptic on 7/11/12 at 6:43

This group of 7 or 8 people, most from one family, should be getting the
coverage of 2 mice running across the floor. The publicity given to them
and their extremely colorful sign plagues are suckers for the TV cameras!
This TV coverage encourages other nuts to receive the same. Ignore them!

By: Ask01 on 7/12/12 at 4:43

Let's see, the Westboro group plans to stand outside houses of worship, where inside the congregation is advocating peace love and understanding, while outside Westboro is spewing venom, hate, and and discrimination.

Does that adequately sum up the situation?

Now, based on the message and basic tenets of Christianity found in the New Testament, I wonder which group will receive the first lightning bolt?

Now, THAT would be newsworthy!

By: G.Scout on 7/12/12 at 1:18

I totally agree with paulalanjones comment above. If you are going to write a story about nothing less than a hate group and quote people who spew hatred, then use THEIR words. Yes, they are offensive but it IS what they are actually saying. Why try to soften it by inserting "[gays]" everywhere they said fags or faggots or whatever words they used? Readers need to be aware of the real hate speech they use and be allowed to feel how very offensive it is. Additionally, couldn't you have done a bit more investigating to find out exactly why they are protesting at these two churches? What have they done that has pissed off the Rev. and his small group of haters? The whole story would've been welcome.

By: Ask01 on 7/12/12 at 5:06

I am indeed somewhat curious as to what circumstances attracted the attention and ire of the Westboro flock.

Whatever it is, I'm fairly certain I would support our local congregations if they have managed to rattle the cage of these folks.

By: FaceBook:Emmett... on 7/13/12 at 8:59

This Westboro bunch is not a church and they are not Baptists. I'm not a Baptist, either, so I'm not "defending my own" by saying that, OK? This is just a family of lawyers who engage in this stuff in an effort to provoke "civil rights violations" against themselves and seek monetary judgements. It's a "win/win" racket for them since the federal government pays the legal fees on any "civil rights" case whether the plaintiff wins or loses. If they don't get the big jackpot money, they still get their own fees. It's all a business for them and, by the way, they're all Democrats.

By: G.Scout on 7/13/12 at 1:19

All Democrats? Ah ha ha ha ha. Do your research and find out WHY Fred Phelps has run for office on the Democratic ticket. Seriously, that's a very funny comment!