Olbin Euceda gets 75-year sentence for sexual assault on 11 year old, robbery

Thursday, April 25, 2013 at 12:53pm
030813 Euceda Olbin mug.jpg
Olbin Euceda (file)

Olbin Euceda, a suspected illegal immigrant who was indicted on 41 criminal charges, including robberies and sexual assaults, was sentenced to 75 years in prison on Wednesday.

Euceda was accused of wreaking havoc on homes in South Nashville from September to November 2011. Euceda’s 75-year sentence stems from an incident where he robbed a Bell Road apartment and sexually assaulted an 11-year-old girl.

Police arrested Euceda at a South Nashville bus company that transports people to Mexico.

Euceda’s accomplice Rony Sorto is scheduled to go to trial in August on charges of aggravated kidnapping and aggravated robbery.

Both Euceda and Sorto still face numerous additional felony charges.

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By: yogiman on 4/26/13 at 5:59

Why spend the money on him for 75 years of room and board in prison? He doesn't deserve to live after such crimes.

By: NewYorker1 on 4/26/13 at 7:53

How many times do I have to say that it is not a crime if the sex was good? If the sex was bad, then maybe we can claim sexual assault. If it’s good, then I’m like when are you coming back Boo?

By: BEOWULF on 4/26/13 at 9:23

BEOWULF: How many incidents like this have to occur before the American public can see the damage being done in our country. The Boston marathon incident has tentatively been blamed on Russian Muslim immigrants. Fox news made an announcement that the pair received EBT cards and assisted living allowances. Records also show that the pair was flying back and forth to Russia at six-month intervals... for some time! I would imagine that Olbin and Rony were both on assisted living. Bottom line: some of the worst crimes perpetrated in this country are being done by individuals who are here illegally or on expired visas.

In my opinion many illegal immigrants living here in the US are from the dregs of their own societies - we have enough of our own. We welcome them, give them assistance, and if they survive 10 years here, someone wants to bestow citizenship rights - urge your Congressmen to tighten immigration laws, not weaken them to the point that our American lifestyle is overwhelmed and burdened by costly incarceration.

By: gid on 4/26/13 at 12:53

Also... There is a possibility the bomb was set off using an Obamaphone.