Olympian Shaun White arrested in Nashville after alleged vandalism at Loews Vanderbilt

Monday, September 17, 2012 at 7:14pm
091712 Shaun White mug.jpg
Shaun White

Metro police arrested Olympic gold medalist Shaun White on charges of public intoxication and vandalism after an incident at the Loews Vanderbilt Hotel at 2 a.m. Sunday.

The 26-year-old White, who won gold in snowboarding at the 2006 and 2010 Winter Olympics, allegedly pulled a fire alarm at the hotel that forced all of the guests to be evacuated, according to the Metro Nashville Police Department.

White allegedly tried to flee from the hotel in a cab, but a citizen stopped the cab from leaving. Police alleged that White kicked the citizen and attempted to run away on foot. The citizen told police he chased White before White turned and ran into the man, whom police did not identify. The collision apparently caused White to fall and hit his head against a fence.

White was taken to a hospital and released Monday afternoon. Metro police charged White after he refused to sign misdemeanor citations. He was then booked at the hospital by deputies from the Davidson County Sheriff's Office.

The citizen declined to prosecute White for assault, according to police.


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By: capt4chris on 9/17/12 at 6:44

What an upstanding citizen!

By: dargent7 on 9/17/12 at 7:59

Isn't this the Carrot Top guy of the Olympics? Flaming Red something or rather.
He and Phelps probably do blow and bong hits.
Snowboarding is an Olympic sport? How about badmiton and fencing.
His endorsements went into the toilet like the Dell guy who got busted for weed.

By: Rasputin72 on 9/18/12 at 7:06

I wish I had known that citizen. He did the right thing in every category. Shaun White always struck me as leaning towards punkism. I think this confirms it.

By: joe41 on 9/18/12 at 8:00

His mug shot made Morning Joe. The public citizen should be hailed a hero.

By: pswindle on 9/18/12 at 9:12

This is blown out of control. So he was drunk and broke a telephone.

By: fightcrib on 9/18/12 at 1:13

The bigger story here, folks is that this gives Vanderbilt huge P.R. and this will be great for recruiting. Even someone with as limited intelligence as Rasputin or Dangerlover can see that. Fightcrib, BNA

By: fightcrib on 9/18/12 at 1:14

btw, i meant recruiting for athletics.

Fightcrib, BNA

By: Notfromthesouth on 9/19/12 at 5:15

Punkism? Is that what you said rasputin? Really? You used the word punkism? Carrot Top is a very bad standup comic. The Flying Tomato is the worlds greatest halfpipe rider, and could be the best ever. Oh and who said what about sponsors? He isnt a cello player in the Grand Ole Oprey. He is a snowboarder, he will probably get MORE sponsors from this altercation, no one is going to drop him for getting drunk in some two bit hotel in... Nashville of all places. Blow and weed? Im pretty sure they said he was drunk, not stoned (in which case he would have stayed low key and played video games, maybe even his own snowboarding game) or wired (in which case he would have run through the citizen and the wall). Seriously, the readers of this paper spund to me like they need to get out more. Or maybe theyre still trying to figure out how the South lost the war.

By: scruggs on 9/19/12 at 8:04

Notfromthesouth, yea punkism is very funny and I do agree Shaun was not stoned and was in fact drunk, everything you wrote that I was agreeing with however was marked irrelevant when you made the statements " two bit hotel" and "lost the war" (I grew up in Nashville and really we do not care) Next time before you put your emotion into a comment thread think that where not all will agree with you some might, and when you throw in comments that attempt to degrade them that will not agree with you however mark you off as just another extraneous person in an open forum.

By: Bennyhaha on 9/19/12 at 9:52

So Rasputin the internet troll is unaware of the work ethic involdved in becoming the worlds greatest snownoarder. The Flying Tomato, aside from this incident, appears to be a shining example of pursue your dreams and success will follow which is sadly the opposite of what Rasputin. Rasputin wasnt accepted to Vanderbilt, and hates UT where he chose to go and is now spends his life trolling on the internet posting at early hours trying to make others join his misery. SO SAD.