Owner plans to sell Midtown apartments

Monday, February 5, 2001 at 1:00am

The Metro Department of Codes Admin-istration has cited the owners of a historic Midtown apartment building for allowing the structure to become a public nuisance.

Making the building Codes-compliant might be moot, however, because Fintry Holdings Limited intends to sell it, according to FHL representative Gregory Ramos.

Ramos manages the building, called The Genova and located at 1908/10 Broadway, as well as three other apartment buildings next to it: The Florence, The Magnolia and a small structure behind The Genova. He said all four buildings, each more than 80 years old, and the roughly .33 acres on which they sit will soon be for sale. He did not give an exact date the property will be put on the market.

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