Pair indicted for allegedly swindling pastor

Friday, February 4, 2011 at 6:39pm

A Davidson County grand jury this week indicted two men accused of stealing nearly $500 from a church pastor last summer.

Both Jackie W. Shadowens Jr. and Onnie Issac Kirk III face one count of theft each after Kirk allegedly gave Pastor Scott Dobbins of Bellshire Assembly of God a false name and asked him for help paying rent.

Kirk, 41, instructed Dobbins to write a $485 check to Shadowens, his supposed “landlord.” Later, police said Shadowens, 31, and Kirk cashed the check at a Charlotte Pike bank and split the money.

Shadowens has other charges pending against him including drug charges as well as aggravated kidnapping and attempted homicide charges for allegedly driving around with his girlfriend in the car, beating her and injecting her with cocaine.

Shadowens is in jail on $133,000 bond. Kirk is in jail on $15,000 bond.

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By: Antisocialite on 2/7/11 at 7:36

What a delightful change of pace, usually it's the pastor that does the swindling.

By: pastorscottd on 2/7/11 at 2:21

I'm glad that you are delighted Mr, or Mrs Antisocialite. For your information, not all pastor's are out there taking money from from people, for personal gain. Many are doing good by helping people they don't know, as was in this case. I don't think that we should rejoice when others are swindled out of money that people work very hard to earn. Maybe its time for you to visit this church and find out the good that they do instead of lumping them in with a small few that has defamed the name of Christ!