Parks board approves $1.2M purchase of Cornelia Fort Airpark

Tuesday, April 5, 2011 at 6:35pm

The Metro Board of Parks and Recreation approved Tuesday the acquisition of the 132-acre Cornelia Fort Airpark in a plan to add it the adjacent Shelby Bottoms Greenway.

The $1.2 million acquisition is still contingent on the approval of the Metro Council, set to consider the purchase in the weeks ahead. William Colbert owns the land and has agreed to the sale.

“The main significance is the green space and the green space next to the Cumberland River,” said Tommy Lynch, director of the parks department. “It ensures no more development around that area.”

After combining the airpark property with Shelby Bottoms, Lynch said the size of Shelby Park will become approximately 1,000 acres, making it the fourth largest in the Metro parks systems.

Lynch said the airpark acquisition fits perfectly into the Metro Parks Master Plan and the city’s forthcoming open space plan.

Lynch has told The City Paper the department may build at the airpark site primitive trails that connect to Shelby Bottoms. He has said the property would no longer function to serve small, private planes. 

Part of the park board’s agreement on Tuesday stipulates that the area retain the “Cornelia Fort” name — the “Cornelia Fort Reserves of Shelby Bottoms,” for example.

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By: Captain Nemo on 4/6/11 at 7:14

It is good to know that there will be more open space for future citizens to have.

By: tardistraveler on 4/6/11 at 10:02

I'm glad they're retaining a mention of Cornelia Fort in the name of the place. The old airport terminal building had pictures and plaques that told about her life - perhaps those will find their way into this new park.

By: yucchhii on 4/13/11 at 12:16

yucchhii Again...NO mention about the HOMELESS, Taking care of the streets in the winter (to do NOTHING about the black ice or snow) or to save the school athletics programs. Spend money on things that should be on the back burners....WAYYYYYYY BACK!!!