Planning Department to hold meetings on Antioch community plan update

Wednesday, April 4, 2012 at 1:25pm
Staff reports

On Thursday, Metro planners are set to begin a series of seven public meetings meant to discuss updating an Antioch community plan to guide growth, development and preservation in that area.

Antioch is one of 14 planning districts within Metro, with each plan getting an update every seven to 10 years, according to a release from the Metro Planning Department.

“It’s our responsibility to hear from everyone who wants to participate, whether they live in Antioch, own property there, go to school there, do business, or have some other connection to the community,” said Metro planner Tifinie Capehart, lead planner on the Update initiative.

The first meeting is scheduled for 6 to 8 p.m. Thursday, April 5, at Lakeshore Church, 5434 Bell Forge Lane East. There, planners will explain the plan update process and accept initial community comments.

Metro Nashville Police Department officers from the “El Protector” community outreach program will also be on hand to provide Spanish translation.

Similar meetings and community discussions are expected to continue through the summer.

Details and a full schedule can be found at:

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By: wasaw on 4/5/12 at 5:53

Would you like to know the largest scam program within Metro Government? It's the "El Protector" program. How often do you think these guys actually do something? There aren't that many meetings between the P.D. and the Mexicans. Those guys are milking the system. They need to be assigned on the streets in Antioch and pulled out when there's a meeting. They don't need to be handled any different than any other officer. What are these Spanish speaking officer protecting these mostly illegal Mexicans from?

Do you reckon Mexico has an "El Protector" for the Americans foolish enough to live in that crime ridden place?

By: BigPapa on 4/5/12 at 8:09

I saw this on TV and now here's a blurb in the city paper. I'm glad they are doing this, but honestly isn't planning in Antioch about mmmmm 25 yrs too late?
Maybe Metro shouldn't have let every a-hole with a contractor's license build cheap neighborhoods and crappy apartment complexes in the area. Maybe Metro should have thought "hey, if we ad 1000 house to Antioch, that means like 3000 kids, that's at least a new school or two!" Combine that with the fact that most everyone in that area is working class or lower... you have big time issues. (I wont even mention the ethnic and racial issues.)

By: Ask01 on 4/6/12 at 8:29

BigPapa has hit the nail squarely on the head.

Money grubbing, short sighted politicians saw an opportunity to rapidly expand the tax base by allowing bulders to run wild without consideration, it seems, for future needs of the community.

Case in point has to be Antioch High School which I recall was supposed to answer the educational needs of the area for some time. Sometime has passed, but not nearly what I thought had been predicted. The last I heard, the school was at or exceeded capacity, even with the addition of portable classrooms.

Communities grow. Such is a normal and desirable fact, but along with growth comes needs which it seems previous administrations forgot or ignored.

While this may be 25 years too late, current problems need to be addressed and an adequate plan put in place to move the community forward.

Perhaps, of course, I am just dreaming and this is all a governmental facade to publicly announce to the Antioch Community what Metro Nashville and Mayor Dean have already decided.

By: wasaw on 4/6/12 at 11:09

The surge of mostly illegals into the Antioch area not only necessitated the building of the newest Antioch H.S. but also the newer Cain Ridge H.S. Ninth graders graduating from the John F. Kennedy Middle School to the newest Antioch H.S. were retained and kept at their middle school for two years because there wasn’t enough room for them all at the newest Antioch H.S. It was only after the Cain Ridge H.S. was finally completed did the Antioch ninth graders cross the road over to their zoned high school.

The issues that are destroying the state of California are rearing their ugly heads here in Nashville. The skinny Muslim is not enforcing the present immigration laws so the illegals are running wild. Just hope you don’t get in a traffic accident with one of them. Most have no legal license in which to drive and most all will have no insurance. Do you wonder how I know?

By: 9445 on 5/9/12 at 6:50

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