Police arrest suspect in Belmont area attacks

Tuesday, July 28, 2009 at 3:12pm
Staff reports

Metro Police say a citizen’s tip led to the arrest of the man suspected of grabbing at least four female joggers in the Belmont area this month.

Julio Cesar Juarez, 19, of Wallace Road, is charged with two counts of sexual battery for allegedly grabbing female joggers’ buttocks as they ran during the early morning hours on or near Belmont Boulevard, police said. Juarez works at the Kroger on Franklin Pike.

Police say he was spotted driving a white 1995 Honda Accord yesterday near Lipscomb University by a citizen who thought it might be the suspect mentioned in recent news accounts. The citizen wrote down the license number and contacted Sex Crimes detectives.

Juarez's photo is being withheld pending additional lineups in the case.


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By: Nash19 on 7/28/09 at 2:04

I cannot wait for the state defense of this clown to be, "My client is a poor misguided youth and simply is misunderstood. In his home country this is normal behavior and he is simply not used to the crazy ways of this country."

By: slzy on 7/28/09 at 8:17

if this guy is here illegally,someone,or several someones at kroger should be spending time in a federal prison.

By: courier37027 on 7/28/09 at 8:58

If he is here illegally, I am sure Catholic Bishop David Choby will defend him. After all we must welcome the stranger among us. Be a good host, said Choby. Where is that Youtube clip?

By: daKine7 on 7/29/09 at 4:13

The story should read: "used to work at Kroger's". What an embarassing activity. Grab women's buttocks? Didn't he think they would see his face or follow him to his car? Or kick his butt? Glad he's off the streets, he may of upgraded to rape.

By: Blanketnazi2 on 7/29/09 at 7:39

ok, just because he's Latino you've already determined that he's an "illegal"?

By: Funditto on 7/29/09 at 8:51

what blanket said.

By: pandabear on 7/29/09 at 1:34

By: Blanketnazi2 on 7/29/09 at 8:39
ok, just because he's Latino you've already determined that he's an "illegal"?

That's right !