Police arrest two men headed to Bonnaroo for allegedly possessing cache of drugs

Thursday, June 13, 2013 at 12:59pm
061313 Jamie M Okain mug.jpg
061313 Brandon Dorsky mug.jpg
Jamie O'Kain (top) and Brandon Dorsky

Two men from California who traveled to Tennessee for Bonnaroo have been jailed and now find themselves facing felony drug charges.

At 12:30 a.m. Thursday, a Holiday Inn employee flagged down a Metro police officer at the hotel’s location at 920 Broadway. The employee told police that the two men were smoking marijuana, causing commotion and refused to leave their room after being asked to do so.

According to a statement from police, officers detected a strong odor of marijuana as they approached the room. Jamie O’Kain, 36, of Hermosa Beach, Calif., answered the door and admitted there was marijuana in the room and that he would accept those charges. He also gave police permission to search the room.

Officers allege they then found 10 grams of cocaine, 207.5 grams of marijuana, 49.3 grams of hallucinogenic mushrooms, 5.5 Adderall pill without prescription and 22 tramadol pills prescribed to a John Dorsky.

O’Kain and Brandon Dorsky, 30, of Los Angeles are both charged with felony drug possession within 1,000 feet of a drug-free school zone and criminal trespassing for refusing to leave the hotel.

Dorsky remained in jail Thursday morning with a bond of $297,000. O’Kain was held on a $228,000 bond.

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By: HamBoneHamBone on 6/13/13 at 11:12

Hope you two like Tennessee 'cause you both are going to be staying here for a while. Idiots.

Oh, and look at the camera next time, Brandon. I get that you're probably a little scared right now, but this is a time to man up.

By: HamBoneHamBone on 6/13/13 at 11:17

Turns out Brandon Dorsky is an attorney licensed to practice in the state of California.

That must be why he is scared. Might be about to get disbarred.

By: Jughead on 6/13/13 at 12:01

Dude is stupid for an attorney.

But, The California Bar will probably only require counseling and volunteer hours for global warming causes.

They probably had no clue Hume Fogg was a block away. Or, they were too stoned to care. Dolts.

Here's dude's public profile: http://members.calbar.ca.gov/fal/Member/Detail/261385

By: no_one_big on 6/13/13 at 12:53

Look him up on Linkedin. He has listed that he was at one time manager for the band Foster the People.

By: dargent7 on 6/13/13 at 1:55

Couple of geniuses.
Who smokes weed in a Hotel room?
Go OUTSIDE away from people for Christ's sake.
Then one admits to police and lets them search. Like, they wouldn't find the stash.
"Intent to sell, intent to distribute, possession....they're looking at 10 years even if one flips and turns on the other..."It wasn't mine, man, it was all his..."

By: PKVol on 6/14/13 at 7:58

If it was illegal to be stupid, these guys would be facing 4-5 additional charges.

By: BigPapa on 6/14/13 at 9:23

I like a good time as much as anyone but good lord.. be smart about it. Do the Bonnaroonians think that TN suddenly suspends the law and just let's everyone do what they want?

"Oh you're going to the concert??.. well just go on with your cocaine, mushrooms, and weed. We don't care! Have a good time, yall come back now ya hear!"

By: courier37027 on 6/14/13 at 3:36

Why is "the man" trying to harsh their mellow? For some of the bands at Bonaroo, hallucinogens may make their music coherent.

By: itsmyfirstday on 6/17/13 at 7:17

I wonder how much drugs they left California with....