Police charge man with posing as volunteer, stealing hospice patient's IV bag

Friday, May 25, 2012 at 12:27am

Metro Nashville Police Department officers earlier this week arrested a man who allegedly cut and stole an Alive Hospice patient’s IV bag in March.

Justin Perryman, 31, entered a patient’s room at Alive Hospice on March 22 posing as a volunteer, according to police arrest affidavits. He then cut the patient's IV bag of Dilaudid, a narcotic painkiller, and put it in his pants pocket.

The patient’s granddaughter told police she saw fluid dripping from Perryman’s pants as he fled the scene on foot. An affidavit indicated that Alive Hospice told police they have had incidents with Perryman in the past.

MNPD spokesman Don Aaron said Perryman's wife was a nurse at Alive Hospice.

Perryman was initially charged and arrested with theft under $500. But after reviewing the case, the district attorney's office added additional charges of aggravated burglary and reckless endangerment, according to Aaron. Police initiated a search warrant at Perryman's home on Tuesday on the additional charges.

According to police, his wife said he wasn’t home, but officers found him hiding under a bed within arm’s reach of a gun. He was also charged with being a felon in possession of a handgun.

Perryman bonded out of jail on Tuesday. He’s set to appear in court early next month.

Alive Hospice spokesman Jared Porter said the hospice care facility is unable to comment on the case, but they are cooperating with authorities.

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By: willtw on 5/25/12 at 8:01

This happened to us some years ago involving a hospice attendant....a parent was a terminal cancer patient with only weeks to live, was semi conscious and taking some extreme medications including a morphine pump....We had just picked up a re-order on a pill narcotic and when we changed evening shifts among the family, noticed the recent prescription was only 1/2 full the same day we bought it....We complained, met opposition from the hospice office excuse covering for the "paid" attendant....we then took over all of the duties of hospice among the family and the drug loss ceased....Hospice does a very good job that few want to do. However, it indicates the weak link is still in the personnel, which is regretful.....some of those medications return big bucks on the street...

By: dustywood on 5/29/12 at 7:37

Some homes are not safe for the hospice type patient due to family members helping themselves to the drugs. In home cases both the off going and on going nurses do a drug count each shift. Sometimes having to carry the meds in their pockets or keep a key to a locked cabinet.