Police drop charges against suspect in fatal crash

Monday, January 4, 2010 at 8:30pm
Staff reports

Metro Police have made an about face and dismissed vehicular homicide charges leveled against a convicted felon and suspected drunken driver.

Hakeem Raqeeb, formerly known as Carl Anthony Simmons, was charged in late November death of Perry Dale III, who vehicle ran off the roadway, struck a utility pole and several small trees near Charlotte Pike and 26th Avenue.

Witnesses described Raqeeb’s vehicle to police, and he was later arrested and jailed. Police determined that Raqeeb was involved in a hit and run collision with another vehicle nearby, but had no impact on Dale’s situation.

A Metro Police news release issued at the time of Raqeeb’s arrest has been deleted from the department’s online archives.

Police originally thought Raqeeb struck Dale’s vehicle and caused him to run off the road. They later learned that Dale suffered a heart attack.

Despite the charges being dropped, Raqeeb, who was driving on a suspended license, is still being held on a violation of probation warrant.


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By: govskeptic on 1/4/10 at 10:35

What happened to the Drunk Driving case? Was there no test given for
some strange reason? Something doesn't sound right here or the
Police spokesperson got things wrong in the beginning of this story.

By: wrglwright on 1/5/10 at 10:04

Here we go again another convicted felon what gives Tennessee ? this state is a joke if you are a felon do felon time >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> there should be a 3 strikes law on any felony crime PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!