Police find cash stash in transmission

Friday, January 15, 2010 at 1:59am
Staff reports

Metro police seized $108,000 in cash hidden inside the transmission housing of a pickup truck stopped on Interstate 40 near Bellevue on Thursday.

Police say the 1999 Ford F-150 with Texas license plates was stopped for following too closely.

The driver gave conflicting statements regarding where he was traveling from and to, and, within moments, allegedly admitted that he was lying. He gave Scruggs permission to search the truck, which revealed evidence of tampering around the transmission.

Police say they found 20 bundles of currency after the truck was taken to a garage and the transmission taken apart.

The driver, who was carrying $5,000 on his person, conceded to police that he knew something was hidden in the truck.

The truck was also seized as evidence in a suspected trafficking operation.

Neither the driver nor his passenger, who are brothers-in-law, have been charged.

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By: Alphadog7 on 1/15/10 at 7:22

Another case where enforcing minor traffic laws leads to bigger things. Nice job!

By: HokeyPokey on 1/15/10 at 7:36

This is where the uninformed and poorly educated usually squeal like pigs about Chief Serpas.

Wonder what they're thinking this morning?

(NB: crediting them with the ability to think may be my error)

By: czman on 1/15/10 at 7:54

By: HokeyPokey on 1/15/10 at 7:36
"This is where the uninformed and poorly educated usually squeal like pigs about Chief Serpas."

Wonder what they're thinking this morning?

(NB: crediting them with the ability to think may be my error)

My advice to you: Better to keep silent and seem a fool than to
open your mouth and remove all doubt...

By: Blanketnazi2 on 1/15/10 at 9:00

Good job, MNPD!

By: robertmack on 1/15/10 at 9:07

He who does not know and does not know he does not know, is a fool.
Shun him.

He who does not know and knows he does not know, is simple.
Teach him.

He who knows and does not know he knows, is asleep.
Awaken him.

He who knows and knows he knows, is wise.
Follow him.

By: HighlyAnnoyed on 1/15/10 at 9:18

The police have way too much power. This is a good example of that. They basically seized money from this guy without any proof of a crime. They also stopped him and searched his vehicle without any probable cause. If you think this is acceptable, then you are a sheep ready for the slaughter and don't deserve the rights you have. "Those that would give up their libery for the sake of security, deserve neither" - Ben Franklin.

By: HokeyPokey on 1/15/10 at 9:29

Big thanks, HighlyAnnoyed!

You have restored my faith in Nashbillies.

Go in Peace to love and serve the Lord.

By: Honestly on 1/15/10 at 9:59

Honestly! Dear highly annoyed. Just wanted to let you know that the persons carrying over $100,000 grand and had no idea where the money came from...thus since they are innocent they of course would want to turn it over to the police to try to find its rightful owner! Give our police more credit then you give them, they are trying to stay employed like the rest of us. Your family members may of been ready for slaughter had this money gotten into the wrong hands and those dear to you had been shot dead because they were by the supposedly illegal activity. When you have a family member in a coma because of a stray bullet due to supposedly illegal drug activity in which the parties were never caught then hummnn lets see if your family member has liberty while they remain in a coma the rest of their life. That happenned in my family. Just wanted to let you know where you are in God's sight.

By: HighlyAnnoyed on 1/15/10 at 10:59

LOL @ Honestly. Sorry for your familly problems, seriously. But, you just plain aren't making any real sense here. If you want to give up your liberties, I'd suggest you move to a country that wasn't founded on liberty.

By: fightcrib on 1/15/10 at 11:28

Suspect was likely a University of Tennessee athlete, traveling between Mexico and Knoxville.

By: idgaf on 1/15/10 at 12:25

Oh please a casual search does not reveal "evidence of tampering around the transmission. ". Did they have coveralls and one of those things you roll under the vehicle?

Sounds like a suppression of evidence hearing is in their future if they get a decent attorney.

By: dan3843 on 1/15/10 at 2:20

Okay, isn't there a section of the U.S. Constitution that says something about unwarranted search and seizure? If I haven't been charged with a crime then having cash really isn't anybody's business. Otherwise, if having cash is a crime then how much is too much...where do we cross the line? Would having five thousand to pay for vacatioin be too much? how about five hundred? Right now I have five dollars in my pocket and probably five dollars in change in my car change holder does this mean that if I am doing 35 in a 30 mph zone I can lose my car?
btw...this sounds like the driver was either ratted out or there was a big arrow on top of his vehicle saying "stop me, I've got cash in my transmission".

By: idgaf on 1/16/10 at 4:25

there was a big arrow on top of his vehicle saying "stop me, I've got cash in my transmission".

Thats comedy.

By: wataboutbob on 1/16/10 at 9:37

The conflicting statements were not enough for "reasonable suspicion" but enough to search for evidence after receiving permission. There have been no charges filed, just seizure of the cash and vehicle on suspicion of trafficking. That was even more evident after finding over $100k hidden in the transmission.

Where have anyone's rights been violated?? Sounds like good police work to us honest folks.

By: HighlyAnnoyed on 1/16/10 at 10:48

wataboutbob - the police had absolutely no right to even ask this guy where he was going. Why is it the police's business where you are going? Are they now allowed to track your movements? The police also had no right to ask where the money came from. That also is none of their business. And, they definitely didn't have a right to take the money. That's theft, plain and simple. Basically, the police searched and questioned a person that didn't know their rights and to keep their mouth shut. Then, the police robbed him.

By: wataboutbob on 1/16/10 at 12:04

Highly - you are wrong about the rights of the police to question people during the course of any investigation. If you know any, ask them.

By: HighlyAnnoyed on 1/16/10 at 1:56

wataboutbob - I think you are misunderstanding me. I've already stated that the police have way too much power. Yes, they apparently have the right to harrass you and question you and even pull you over without any probable cause. My point is they shouldn't have that right. It's intrusive and a clear violation of my right not to be detained and questioned without probable cause. If they pull me over for a traffic violation, then their interaction with me should be limited to citing me for the traffic violation. They should NOT be asking me other unrelated questions that have nothing to do with what they stopped me for.

By: HighlyAnnoyed on 1/16/10 at 2:01

It really amazes me how many American citizens have turned into complete mindless sheep that don't defend their rights anymore. That's exactly why our rights keep getting taken away little by little. Because intellectually lazy americans don't even realize their rights and don't really seem concerned when the are taken away as long as they feel "safe and secure". Safety is an illusion anyways.

By: Vuenbelvue on 1/16/10 at 2:30

Highlyannoyed I agree with you 100% and don't understand why the others don't. The interdiction police play by their own rules (of misbehavoir) to. I read an article written by a former Texas road cop and he gave up his tricks of making a high amount of arrests including training his drug dog to fake that he was smelling drugs by scratching the car. Gave them probable cause and a reason to dismantle the car. He knew the odds were in his favor by profiling that he would hit. If he didn't he didn't care (no conscience).

By: gigibagoly@yahoo.com on 1/16/10 at 4:50

where i come from it is a saying ''is not the business of equus asinus from where the ovis aries drinking water'' good job FBI the money you confiscated harm so many in the proces of colection up to where you finaly found it, and the real people who wants to be free in the real translation of the word Liberty, will apreciate if the police will search everybody's car and house for ilegal guns, once is ilegal the person in case has something to hide which in some circumstances became harm for others which need protection from somwhere and that i call lyberty, as a sheperd GOD will defend his sheep because he know to make the diference by looking in the hart where the people can't do that, no matter your frustation or your high education.

By: HokeyPokey on 1/17/10 at 6:02

Authentic Tennessee gibberish.

By: xausa on 1/17/10 at 9:53

1. This "traffic stop" has all the earmarks of a tip-off. Police officers don't examine transmissions in connection with routine traffic stops.
2. The fruits of illegal searches are inadmissible as evidence against the subjects of the search. The money would be returned to the true owner, if he cares to step forward and claim it. Highly doubtful. If the driver and passanger deny ownership of the money seized, then they have no standing to object to the seizure.
3. Neither the driver nor the passanger has been charged with anything.
4. $100,000 in illegal money has been taken off the street.